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The Official MERB Best Agency of the Year 2013 Poll Results.

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1- Good Girls

2-   Montreal Sex City

3- Wildtime Escorts

Montreal Xxxtase/Delight Escorts
Angel Escorts
Plaisirs Rebels
Satin Dreams

The Official Best Agency of the Year 2012 Poll Results.
View Poll Results:
Which agency served you best in 2012?

1st place (tied) Montreal Sex City

1st place (tied) Montrealxxxtase/Delight Escorts

3rd place GoodGirls


5th Assevissante
6th Eleganza
7th Nadya'sVIPs
8th (Tied) Angel Escorts
8th (Tied) Devilish/Girls on Fire
8th (Tied) SatinDreamz

The Official Best Agency of the Year 2011 Poll Results.
View Poll Results:
Which agency served you best in 2011?

1st Place CandyShop /Chloe'sPlayground

2nd Place
Montreal Sex City

3rd Place Eleganza

SexyNadya's VIPs
Angel Escorts
Satin Dreamz
Devilish Escorts/ MGOF

Thanks for all these testimonies toward MSC management! I greatly appreciate you are enjoying these true, pleasant and engaging gems! Keeping hunting for 'La creme de la creme' for you!

Miss essy ;')



I saw Madison last weekend for an hour

Booking with MSC is always as smooth as silk

Thanks to Jessy and JP who called me 5 minutes before she came, as I had asked

Madison is a true GND girl, very pretty, pale skin, tall, nice nipples, perfect hygiene..just as all these reviews have described  

- smuler

Great review smuler. MSC has always kept a very good level of customer service through the years, and they've been around for quite a while now...

- Wallseye

Yeah, straightforward and clear. Great agency and great girl. Sunny, sexy, smart and strong...

- shakenotstirred

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Met with Bambi from MSC, as usual booking with Jessy and friends easy and always pleasant

Asked the booker (Jessy's day off about this newbie and he mentioned that she had just seen 1-2 clients , went very well, but nothing on MERB yet

So here goes..

She is described on the site as 19 and drop dead gorgeous and true to form she is a beauty, all info is accurate...  

- P.cole

Source = Bambi's review @



J'ai apeller jessy de montreal sex city il y a à peu prêt deux semaines pour avoir des informations sur la nouvelle qui se nomme daisy .jessy à répondu à toute mes questions à propos de la jeune demoiselle, je suis très heureux que jessy soi de retour pour booker toujours aussi facile de parler avec elle.
Revenons à daisy c'est une très jolie femmes avec de beaux cheveux brun et un mignon visage, elle est nouvelle dans le hobby ... 

- Dominion

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used this agency everytime I visit Montreal. Glad to be back. I missed these French Canadian girls, very talented. Allyson did Montreal proud inviting me back...As I turned around, she said I am such a gentleman as she reached my head giving it a nice stroke. Grapped her by the hair and started kissing her, she must like me as she was in to me, she started feeling my six pack and said let me see inside...   

- gentlej

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Second Montreal Sex City girl this week and Jennie was on schedule, so i made an appointment for 7pm and she arrived 6:55...if you like thin girls than Jennie is your type. After warming her up, she said thank you and she gave me a kiss as a reward, her reward got better as she pushed me down on the bed kissing me more   

- gentlej

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Great agency to work with, saw they had a new girl on the roster. Wow, what a gem! Daisy is a hot young treat. She is 18 as advertised, with a body to match. Tight and firm everywhere, superb C cup breasts...  

- boohoo506

Source = Daisy's review @



I met Electra in my hotel during my recent visit to Montreal. I have used Montreal Sex City several times and always been satisfied with their service. Electra is a beautiful girl and she met the high standards set by this agency.  


Source = Electra's review @



MSC is an agency that has been around for quite some time for good reason.
Easy to book with, they show up on time and get back to you on questions so thumbs up there.

- sexdor

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Over the years I've seen several young ladies from Miss Jessy's Montreal Sex City agency and have never had a less than an excellent encounter. Jessy has added several new ladies to the roster, and after logging onto the informative MSC website I noted a couple newbies that looked promising. I decided to go with Jennie, whose pics and description looked quite inviting. That was a wise decision ...


Source = Jennie's review @



First time using this agency, highly recommend. Easy to set up via text on relatively short notice. Everything ran smoothly and on time. Selected Jennie based on her pics despite no reviews, sure am glad I TOFTT. Members read on...


Source = Jennie's review @



I was visiting Montreal for a week and decided to have some fun -- saw some great reviews here on Karla so called up. Jesse was a pleasure to work with ...This girl is a dream come true -- sensuous, smart, polite, attentive and very talented. She loves what she does and is intense at doing it...I actually repeated a few nights later with Karla AND Naomie from the same service...  

- samename

Source = Karla's review @



Had been looking around for a Montreal experience and found Montreal Sex City. The agency has some nice reviews, looked around and thought Madison looked like the ticket. A couple of text messages and arrangements made. She gets to my hotel about 20 minutes early so I get a text from the agency to inquire whether I was ready. All very well done. We greets me with a very nice smile, walks in and I am feeling pretty good about it. Short story....I would enjoy seeing her again. More? See below.


Source = Madison's review @



Screw what I said about the watermarks!! Just check out the f*cking talent. I just did, and HOT DAMN!!! It's an embarrassment of riches in Montreal right now. 

Merci beaucoup, Luke and Miss Jessy! Super responsive, accommodating, on-the-dot on time, pure pros. What an awesome introduction to MSC. I will be calling again, soon hopefully... 

Screw the photos and watermarks! JUST disregard my bitchin' & moanin' about those superfluous details. What Booker said (shoot me)... all that matters is the product. And MSC has ROCK STARS. No doubt.

2 out of 2 now in giving me the post-encounter rubber legs. OMFG... I'm not even sure I can make it to the hot tub floor.

Incalls can sometimes be very inconveniently located, and Montreal outcalls spoil rotten... Again, the rubber legs would've made it an impossible trip back to the hotel. Impeccable booking process, again, and phone manners that would make mothers proud.

My photo comments be damned. 

- wolfie7

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I am not surprised to see MSC in the lead.

Many ladies I have met from MSC told me that Jessy always took care of them, like a mother would. Something they couldn't say about previous agencies they've work for.


- McFly


On another note, if Miss Jessy is as straight and decent to her ladies as she is to her clients it's no wonder she and her agency are way ahead in this poll. Kudos to you little lady.


- Merlot

Source = Best agency at keeping their staff ?'s thread @



talk on the phone with luc i think is name was,pro in all aspects
just a continuation of jessie's great customer service ... would like to add received pm from
jessie thanking me for the review. now that's class

- cobra1

Source = Jackie's review @



I was in Montreal for business, decided to give the agency a call based on some reviews. Easy set up and I was not dissapointed with Jeanna. Will repeat. 


Source = Jeanna's review @



A year seems like an eternity in this racket. So much turnover in the girls and the agencies. The Indy's too. There's agencies claiming past poll results that were driven by girls that are no longer in the business, There are agencies that are no longer around (or empty shells on life support) There are girls who are on their third or fourth agency. There are girls who have gone agency, independent, and back to agency. There are whole swaths of reviews missing..... Unlike my real life, there's a lot going on with the MERB community.

That is what makes MSC's consistency so remarkable. In many ways they are exactly like they were when I first joined in 2011 -- Mostly weekday Outcalls before 11 pm with a good mix of body types and ages. I have had great experiences with them, but even without I would also admire that consistency in this (pun intended) up and down industry.

- greenacres99

Source = The Best Agency in Montreal, After Good Girls's thread @



I wanted to see Karla again during my latest visit to Montreal. As usual pre-booking almost a week ahead with MSC was easy and fast. I have no idea why so many other agencies have trouble with the concept!

- greenacres99

Source = Karla's review @



When I read Jessy and Peter had parted ways I was sadden and a bit concerned as I have been in this game longer than I care to admit going back to the days of CAN BEST board. Peter was always good to me and I wish him nothing but the best his reputation for quality is well deserved. Miss Jessy has always been my favorite first as escort and now as an agency owner her service IMHO is the gold standard in Montreal if not all of North America. I prebooked appointments through emails few days before I arrived in Montreal the process was painless...

- Cat Daddy

Source = Catherine's review @



Phoned Montreal Sex City and spoke with the ever charming and always helpful Miss Jessy. My ATF was not available, but Jessy has added a number of new ladies and gave me several options from which to choose. She told me that she had gotten good feedback from customers that had seen Julia, one of her recent hires—a petite, buxom 32-year-old that provided GFE+ service. Because I have complete trust in Jessy and she knows what I like, I had her send Julia to my hotel. Once again, Jessy came through with another winner....


Source = Julia's review @



Phoned Montreal Sex City, one of my favorite Montreal agencies, and spoke with Miss Jessy. Looking at the site, I was intrigued by Karla's description and pictures. I love tall, (naturally) busty women and Jessy assured me that I was in for a great session with Karla. OK, Jessy send her over. Non-VIPs, she's a can't-miss choice. VIPs, read on...   

- 4lefty4

Source = Karla's review @



I was heading to Montreal and setup a date through the agency a week out. My flight was delayed so I was running late. I called the agency and they were first class. They understood and let me know to call when I was ready. I called and was told she would be there in 2 minutes. I met her in the lobby. She was a hot little latina girl wearing black fishnet stockings and red high heels with short shorts and a short black jacket. Very nice.


Source = Alejandra's review @



I contacted Jessy by text late at night for meeting Paige the next day and I got a confirmation next morning. Very easy booking.

- Delta123

Source = Paige's review @



jessy has by far the best phone voice of the bookers i deal with.

anyone else wanna second that...

- evillethings

Jessy's great at what she does. From what I understand when she was an sp she was one of the most liked providers out there, but I wasn't in the scene at that moment. All I can say is that she's very professional and friendly. If something goes wrong from the agency side of things, she'll make it up to you. I personnally always had a great rapport with her.

- Wallseye

I also agree that Jessy is the most polite and honest booker that I have dealt with. Very sweat voice. Because Jessy is so professional she currently has a great number of quality girls working for her. Almost everyday she has more girls available than any other agency. Moreover, all the girls are top notch service providers ! Bravo Jessy !

- Smooth_Operator

Source = msc ... jessy's my fav booker 's thread @



Saw a few girls from this agency while I was in town. I have no hesitancy recommending Jessie at MSC. I booked a week in advance and all the girls were completely reliable. Erika was the highlight of my trip though and I was more than glad I booked a few hours with her.

I met her in the lobby, dressed pretty conservatively for a Montreal winter. If I didn't have a description, I would have confused her for a college co-ed. I was not disappointed by her looks. VIPs: highly recommended.


Source = Erika's review @



As usual Jessy at Montreal Sex City was easy to contact, polite, accommodating, efficient and delivered exactly what I wanted on time. She is the best - I mentioned my desires and Jessy asked me to call back in 30 minutes by which time she had located the lady that she recommended. Camilia arrived promptly on time - hugged and kissed and what followed was a perfect experience- I would definitely recommend Camilia and this agency.  

- joejouons

Source = Camilia's review @



This place was rated the top agency in Montreal by another board.

The pics are real and the service is pretty good.

- samklemmons

One of the better agencies around. Jessy is great to deal with and you get great service.
Also................Read the reviews.

- hiball

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I was visiting Montreal and decided to see Hillary based on her photos, some homework prior to my visit and my previous experience with this agency. It was straightforward to set up an appointment. Hillary arrived at my hotel around the appointment time. She is very cute and I was definitely happy. She speaks a little english and explained her rules.

Overall, a great time and GFE session.

- FRED2006

Source = Hilary's review @



My time with Alex def was very memorable, and worth waiting for. Sincere thanks Alex as I know you dealt with a lot of stress during the week. But you were so much there for me when I needed you. And my dear Jessy -who herself knows firsthand what I'm like- she was spot-on with recommending Alex despite no pics. Alex's basic info on the site is accurate. But it is her energy level, playfulness, and passion which mean the most.

- sundance

Source = Alex's review @



Once upon a time (last week...) i`ve quit work early and figured i`d call Jessy to see whats up and who`s on.
Since me and Jessy go way back (Good ol times) i took her advice and booked Nikki Katt for an hour.
She arrived right on time and the first impression was exactely what i expected from the pictures on msc,no photoshop bullpoop there.

- Elitegerman

Source = Nikki Kat's review @



I have been a regular client of the wonderful Ms. Jessy ever since she started her agency - Montreal Sex City. I must say that she and Peter are the two best people to work with.

Having tried other agencies, I vote with my dollars and I go to Jessy any time I want great service. She is a sweetheart to do business with and her women are some of the best in the business.

Over the past two to three years, I have come to trust Jessy's recommendations and judgment and I've never been disappointed. She knows my taste in women, and she always comes up with the right choice for me. Also, her girls come on time and they all have great attitudes. Which for me is the biggest turn-on !!

Keep it up Jessy. You set the standard in this business !!

- Ilovehotbabes

Source = Montreal Sex City and Ms. Jessy - The Most Reliable Agency's thread @



I have been a regular patron of Ms. Jessy of Montreal Sex City almost ever since she started her wonderful agency. And I trust her judgment and her recommendations.

So last week when I was in Montreal, I called her up and she suggested Marika to me. I immediately agreed and boy I was so thrilled I had taken her suggestion.

- naughtyboy

Source = Marika's review @!!



I`m just your average American Dude here in Montreal to enjoy this City`s exceptional hospitality and culture and friendly people. When I arrive in Montreal, the first call I make is to Ms. Jessy of Montreal Sex City, because she`s one of the best bookers and great to deal with. God Bless this women. Now, to the best cowgirl ride I`ve ever had in Montreal.

Je suis juste la moyenne de vos américaine Dude ici à Montréal pour profiter d`un accueil exceptionnel de cette ville et de la culture et des gens sympathiques. Quand je suis arrivée à Montréal, le premier appel que j`ai à faire est de Montréal, Mme Jessy Sex City, parce qu`elle est l`une des meilleures et la Grande-bookers à traiter. Dieu bénisse cette femme. Maintenant, pour le meilleur cowgirl ride que j`ai jamais eu à Montréal ...

- Kansas Frank

Source = Manuella's review @



What’s funny is that she gets the call telling her she is a bit late but actually she finished on time and I got my full time. It was a true pleasure dealing with MSC and I’m happy my first experience with them was Mika. For those who might be interested she is into rock music and she doesn’t drink alcohol. Juice is appreciated. Take very good care of her guy’s she’s a true little double D gem.

Ok so I had a blast and Christmas came early this year.

So player are you satisfied? Definitely a big YES.

Mika and MSC have the player seal of approval.

- player_82

Source = Mika Hailey's review @



Congrats Jessy, even though I did not vote. Though I have not used your agency much recently, I only have good memories of my experiences with your lovely ladies who all seem to have a high level of maturity and comfort in what they do. I think this is likely to be a reason for such a high satisfaction rate!

- hormone

Source = MVP trophy for the most reliable agency in Montreal?'s thread @



Juicy, merci d'avoir passée ces quelques heures avec moi.

Jessy que dire de plus, tu gère ton agence de main de maître. Professionnelle avec ta clientèle et tes collègues.

Thank you Juicy to have shared these few hours with me.

Has for Jessy what's more to say, I know I sound like a broken record. You manage your agency in a professional manner. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that your truely appreciated by your customer base and colleagues.

- Justforfun

Source = Juicy's review @!!



Hello Jessy,

Just one year old and Montreal Sex City is on par with Eleganza, close to Devilish, and competitive with all...Not bad at all.

Two Thumbs Way UP!


- korbel

Source = The Most Reliable and Satisfying Escort Agencies 's thread @



OK, to the mundane ... booking was very easy, it's not like in the States, you know. One call, give the hotel, the room, the time, your first name, you're all set. I arranged it the day before, and Isabelle arrived 5 minutes early. Jessy at the agency is excellent, will answer your questions happily.

I had arranged a 1 hour session. Isabelle came to the door in a classy skirt/blouse combo, looked very nice. I offered her a drink, nope she wasn't thirsty, tried to chit chat, nope didn't want to wait, instead rubbed her tail against my crotch and asked me if I was in the mood for some fun...


Source = Isabelle La Rochelle's review @



Considering Jessy's intriguing presentation of Isabelle and all the good vibes I sensed going through her first review (BTW, thanks Gwen for sharing), I couldn’t resist taking a “diving test” with this “Little Mermaid”. As I said to Jessy when I booked her, I just wished our encounter not to end in “queue de poisson. 

Well, it didn't and she proved to be a very good “catch”. Overall, I had a real splash of a time with Isabelle. Do I need to say that I’m looking forward for my next swim with this naughty little Mermaid?

Thanks to Jessy, once again, for the hassle-free advance email booking and timely delivery. It's a real pleasure doing business with you.

Lion Heart

- Lion Heart

Source = Isabelle La Rochelle's review @



That's why I was delighted to hear the always happy voice of Jessy when I called Montreal Sex City. Even though I doubt I will ever get over my appreciation of her, it was very comforting to hear her voice. I asked Miss Jessy for a recommendation and she suggested Maria. Well, I am here to tell you that her recommendation was outstanding.

- johnnybravo

Source = Maria Divina's review @







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