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Thanks for all these delicious reviews! I greatly appreciate you are enjoying these true, pleasant and engaging escorts courtesans! Always hunting for 'La creme de la creme' in terms of personal companions for you! Stay tuned for more new rookies and updated reviews about these successful women! Keep the girls warm and share your beautiful meetings, you can be sure the ladies are always excited to read you and see your impressions!

Miss Jessy xxx ;')



Victoria of MSC The Exotic Beauty


I had pleasure of spending time with Jessy's latest addition Victoria , she is the rare package of beauty, brains and sex appeal . Victoria arrived dressed like business wonman on her way to happy hour with friends, we chatted a bit to get comfortable with each other, she well spoken. she has amazing eyes and great body, When it was time for fun I was very pleased her service is excellent she made lots eye contact during oral which is a turn on for me, She likes 69 and the view is amazing. We tried many positions all were great. When were done with chatted more and cuddled a bit, true girlfriend type 0f session. She is on my must repeat list. Victoria is a all-star in the making. On side note she enjoys a glass red wine. 
- Cat Daddy

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These posts got me sufficiently curious so I booked Jeanna today. The last few posts have it right. A very sexual GND type who is up for almost anything. Cute but in her own unique way. Physically she is not for everyone but if you value hot crazy PSE service then Jeanna is your girl. Came to my place looking very sexy IMHO in a pink summer dress with high heels. Short dark hair very curvy thick but relatively fit build with legs for days and nice full natural C cups. Very tall girl and thats what I like, about 5'9 or 5'10. Was very chatty friendly and affectionate with me immediately. None of that awkward first meeting hesitation to sail thru . She immediately attacked me with aggressive Dfk. Had a feeling I was really gonna like this ride. Shes late twenties so she knows what she likes, and Jesus H Christ this woman really likes sex! We made out passionately next thing I knew she was giving me an aggressive sloppy bbbj. And I do mean sloppy ; more spit action than any other bj i have received i believe. This girl loved to go town on junior and the boys; bls was intense. Loves daty and digits and squirted on the bed a few times. Mpos was fantastic but be warned if you have thin walls; this chick is loud! I thought Chelsea and Isabelle were real screamers earlier this week at the Econolodge but this girl takes the cake! Jeanna loves all positions equally it seems and I just could not stop fucking her. I was getting alot of compliments since she seemed to think I looked like Robert De Niro and this was turning her on. Ya I guess I do look like kind of an aging Mafioso these days lol. She has sexy round meaty ass that made doggy lots of fun. Jeanna then tempted me by telling me she loved anal so with that great ass of hers a trip to Greece seemed like a great idea. Put some baby oil on those luscious ass cheeks til they were glistening then took that trip to Greece and she went nuts. If I thought she was loud! Also did sideways anal while holding her foot up and she seemed to love this even more. Went thru all the positions again til Jeanna suggested that we could film some of the session since she always wanted to do porn and loves watching Pornhub. Alrighty then! Found my phone and pretended to be Rodney Moore for a few mins by shooting some POV action. She gave me more of that super sloppy bbbj with bls that i was able to capture with my shaky hand. What strikes me when watching the video now is how drenched in sweat we both was a hot afternoon in more ways than one! Entered her in mish and got some nice shots of that before putting the phone down to give her my full attention. Pounded her til I crossed that finish line with a COB. We were joking and laughing like old friends after and then Jeanna suggested I join her in the shower. We had gone almost the full hour but werent done just yet as there was more fun in the shower...soap and water can be very sensual. Even when we were getting dressed ...or trying to...there was still lots of making out and fondling. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other! De Niro was still very horny! You talkin' to me? Nothing like a chill girl from PEI...Jeanna you are a joy in every way! Thanks to Jessy from MSC for making this such a smooth booking with a hot sexy honey. Would I recommend and repeat? FUCKIN ' A! Oh that reminds me she really loves dirty talk...the dirtier the better haha. Thanks Jeanna!
- Bbw hunter

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Yes, she's the total package.

Her service is simply mind blowing. If you like hard, perverted, rough PSE sex, this is the girl.

This girl just adores sex.

Her look is very anglo-canadian. Cute short hair with an agressive look.

If you have heart condition or are over 60 years old, please check with your physician beforehand, because it's hyper intense !
- bill4

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Michelle Christ Superstar!


A little over a year ago, I wrote here how I had added Michelle to my list of currently working girls I would repeat with in a heartbeat. I also think she stands with some of the best (in my mind), retired or active.

Since this first time, I have given more appreciation to her soft skin, luscious body, the intriguing gaze of her pale but unwavering eyes, her lovely lips and the way she uses them to convey moods, and her cute nose… In and out of bed, she is “herself” which I spell “fun girl to be with”.

In bed, she has the sexiest way of proposing some pretty racy things which I cannot but partake in when I see her anticipation as she is suggesting them. Ouch. Affection, body-on-body contact, and then just plain down-and-dirty sex all wrapped in this appetizing “built-for-it” package. Torrid is definitely not a stretch when I think of the best single adjective to describe how it feels.

I was just about to launch into a “blow-by-blow” recount of our explosive last date, and then I thought, maybe not. Everyone has their definition of explosive, and each encounter is different. Even my different encounters with repeat dates are different… The level of “involvement” Michelle exhibits while having sex stands out above any individual “actions”, of which there were many.

Out of bed, we speak French together but I did try out a few things in English and she responded quite succinctly. She is quite intelligent, erudite and curious. We have discussed things I like that she knows things about that I do not. She wouldn’t be shy at a journalists’ dinner. She will never try to “waste your time” with conversation, but she makes the various less intimate moments memorable on their own.

She was telling me some clients have mentioned previous superstars at MSC to her. Is she like them, not like them, a bit of both, gold, silver, or bronze? One thing is certain, she deserves a step on the podium as well.

A wine I have certified as a big Michelle “like”
- sapman99

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Je suis dans le hobby depuis longtemps mais comme vous pouvez le voir je n'ai pas l'habitude de faire des reviews, préférant garder mes expériences pour moi-même. Je vais faire exception pour Michelle car après toutes ces années et toutes mes rencontres, elle est aujourd'hui la seule que je vois et mérite que je lui rende hommage.

Je me rappel la première fois que Michelle est arrivée dans ma chambre du Chablis Cadillac, aussitôt entrée je savais que je n'allais pas regretter mon choix de la voir. Michelle est une magnifique petite blonde avec un corps incroyable. Elle portait à ma demande des pantalons de yoga et un tank top qui contenait à peine sa magnifique et généreuse poitrine. J'avais à ce moment un fantasme de fille de gym et elle n'a pas déçu. Mais ce qui m'a marquer le plus chez elle au premier regard est son sourire contagieux et ses yeux dans lesquels je ne pouvais regarder trop longtemps par peur de devenir hypnotiser.

Michelle est une femme douce, attentive et attentionnée qui fait tout son possible pour plaire et te mettre à l'aise. Je ne veux pas entrer dans les détails de la rencontre mais je me rappel bien qu'à la fin en prenant une douche ensemble, elle à prit le temps de me demander si j'avais aimer mon expérience et je lui ai répondu que je n'avais jamais eu l'impression d'être avec une petite ami avant elle, qu'elle est la vrai définition de GFE. Je n'ai jamais rencontré une fille aussi belle, intelligente et avec une aussi belle personnalité qu'elle.

Depuis cette première rencontre je l'ai revu à plusieurs reprise et chaque fois est meilleur que la précédente. Une chose qui est certaine avec qu'elle c'est qu'une heure n'est aucunement assez pour profiter de sa compagnie.
Michelle m'a aussi partagé sa passion pour la musique, je ne connais personne d'autre avec une aussi grande connaissance qu'elle dans se sujet. Je suis toujours heureux de découvrir de nouveaux morceaux avec elle, un verre à la main. Michelle est toujours habillé à en couper le souffle mais j'adore toujours la voir me faire un striptease sur sa chanson préféré.

Au fil du temps et des conversations avec elle, nous avons découvert plusieurs passion en commun et avons développer une bonne complicité, ce qui ne manque pas d'agrémenter encore plus nos rencontre. Je ne crois pas avoir besoin de passer beaucoup de temps sur ses nombreux talent, étant d'accord avec tous les bons commentaires qu'elle a déjà reçu. Michelle est une femme exceptionnelle qui mérite d'être découverte pour ceux qui ne l'a connaissent pas déjà et de continuer d'être apprécié à sa juste valeur par ceux qui ont eu le plaisir l'avoir côtoyé.
- Melvin619

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Montreal is a great city, and I love it when work brings there. Now I hadn’t had the opportunity to be in Montreal for over four months... seemed to be an eternity without Michelle! Once my trip was confirmed, I immediately fired off a text to Jessie at MSC to see if Michelle was going to be available during my trip. Minutes passed (it seemed like hours!) and Jessie confirmed that Michelle would be available! I immediately confirmed two three hours bookings in the same week.

As my appointment time approached, I texted the agency to get an idea of arrival time as I was staying at a hotel that required a key card to access the floors. I sat down outside and listened to music while I waited, my anticipation growing by the minute. Finally, the car pulled up and out came Michelle…dressed to kill in a pink top with a gold pleated long skirt, and, sandals. All I could hear was my heart trying to beat itself out of my chest. Michelle walked over to me, said hello, gave me a hug and the standard two-cheek Montreal kiss. We made our way up to the room together chatting and catching up on things since our last visit.

Once we were in the room I hung up her jacket and I offered her a glass of wine, which she accepted. Michelle walked over to the couch and fired up some music to set the mood as I got our drinks. I sat down next to her and handed Michelle her glass, we clinked our glasses together and each took a sip. Looking at Michelle, I put my glass down and couldn’t resist, I moved in closer and we started to kiss. At first lightly, touching lips and tongues. This quickly turned into a hot make out session with our hands roaming over each other’s bodies…my hand reached down between her legs and I felt her hands on my hard member.

My hands reached for her panties and started to slowly pull them down her legs…I kept kissing her as I slowly maneuvered myself between her legs, and I slowly lowered my head towards her kitty taking in the aroma as my mouth latched onto her clitoris. I started to suck her clit slowly, running my tongue against it while sucking it at the same time. Michelle started breathing heavily as I continued to suck and lick her clit. She leaned back onto the couch as I ran my fingers over her wet lips, parting them slowly and inserting two fingers into her, finding that special spot, and, started to apply pressure…my efforts were rewarded as she started to convulse on my hand all the while letting out loud moans of pleasure and a loud moaning “fuck” as she came on my hand.

After a few moments, I reached over and handed Michelle her glass and we both took a sip. She got up and asked me to move into the arm chair as she took her phone to cue up a song…Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. She turned down the lights and started to dance for me to the beat of the song…as the guitar riffs in the song intensified, items of clothes made their way off her body and her body movements became increasingly seductive…driving me crazy in the process! As the song played, she reached over and started to kiss me while peeling items of my clothing off until I was sitting in the chair in just my underwear. She got on her knees in front of me and leaned onto me and took off my last item of clothing to reveal my raging hard-on. I could feel her hot breath on my member and that only made me hotter…until I felt her lips and tongue slowly caress the head of my penis…as she slowly slid my shaft into her mouth to start what was an amazing blow job.

Before I came, I stopped her and pulled out a condom and suited up…we moved to the bed and she laid down in front of me and spread her legs…I moved in and slid my rock-hard cock on her lips, parted them and entered her. I started to slowly pump into her, speeding up the tempo to her delight, she grabbed my ass as I continued to drive into her, grinding my pelvis into hers…she looked at me and asked if it was ok if she pleasured herself while I fucked her…yes absolutely! I sped up my motion and she started moan loudly and reached her climax …I was about to cum so I pulled out…Michelle quickly pulled off the condom and took me in her mouth and brought me to an amazing climax.

We laid back together for a bit afterwards talking, listening to music and comparing playlists. A quick refill on the wine led to a discussion on each of our favorite wines. At the end of the conversation, Michelle reached over and kissed me while playfully stroking my member to full attention. She flipped herself around and we started a heated session of 69. Michelle latched onto my cock with reckless abandon, sliding it in deep and out of her mouth with just the right amount of spit and suction…on my end I was partaking in her sweet pussy, licking, sucking and stroking her clit in the process. I inserted a finger into her wetness and she moaned while continuing to suck my cock with reckless abandon. As she neared what seemed to be another orgasm she turned to me and in a sultry voice and said to me ”je veux baisser avec toi”.

Who am I to say no, I grabbed a condom and suited up for action. She wanted doggy, and she reached behind and helped me guide my member into her wet pussy…as I entered her from behind she let out an ecstatic moan that made me even hornier than I already was if that’s even possible. I stroked in and out of her at a fast past while she drove her ass into my pelvic bone…I reached out and grabbed her hands and slammed even harder and she responded in kind. I started to feel that tingling and shouted out that I was about to come, and she started to convulse and moan louder…as I came into the condom Michelle continued to drive herself into me until I was fully spent…collapsing on the bed and cuddling together.

As our time together was coming to an end, Michelle asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her, which I did. It was a great end to a wonderful evening.

I must say that without a doubt Michelle is one of the best providers in Montreal period. I originally booked this encounter for three hours, and we were having such a blast that I ended up extending it to five! Never at any point did the conversation lull in anyway as Michelle is a very intelligent girl with a high emotional IQ. She definitely knows how to carry a conversation, create ambiance, and keeps things interesting. Physically, she has a beautiful face, great breasts, an ass that won’t quit. Amazing legs and a great tasty pussy that just won’t quit. Sexually, this girl pushes my boundaries. Great sensual blow job and crazy sex - never enough.

Since this time, I have repeated with Michelle on more occasions than I can remember, and, each time has been better than the last. If you’re looking for a fun, intelligent girl that genuinely loves sex I definitely recommend Michelle.
- TazmanianSexDevil

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“Elle était , frisé comme un mouton...Valentine “... so went the famed Maurice
Chévalier’s hit song hinting at different sexual attributes of a girl (she was frizzy like a sheep )...obviously it sounds better in so many other expressions,related to sex to which I will refer later.
Back to Azalea ; knock knock,and I could not help being seduced by her, I pulled her towards me,as I was observing her radiant smile,her sparkling eyes,her
“frizzy hair “,freshness,and inviting person...our eyes locked,I said...I like what I am seeing,and you excite me so much..,! what an original welcome she exclaimed,as she offered her lips, ice to break there...LOL.
Chemistry must have been very strong as we continued to kiss,grind,and
make out passionately...
We disengaged briefly for some chit chat,our eyes remaining in contact…she excused herself to the washroom....what a hot sexy girl this one is, I said to myself,my excitement already making me hard.
Soon she was to come out with a red sexy bikini...the red made me feel like a “bull” ...HORNY ! And that’s where the expression comes from...Already in shorts myself,she saw and grabbed my sex “oh mon dieu “ (oh my god)
to which I replied “YES ?”...she exploded in laughter...I love humour she said..... make a woman laugh and she is 2 feet closer to your bedroom... I said ...she was in tears...LOL....from this moment on ,the kissing,caressing, oral sex all over our bodies was reciprocal and simply,passionate,romantic
wild....this woman is hot very hot ,romantic and simply loves sex.
Foreplay was deliscious,THE DFK ‘s hungry,lip sucking,the insertive tongue play paving the way ...her BBBJ was masterful,as she asked how I liked it....very wet,teasing,slow,no hands,fast acceleration at times,back to slow,some shaft-balls to your taste...she obliged and did a great job.
Daty on her was simply delicious,combining digits,made her body arch in pleasure.
She then pulled me up for kissing,her eyes fixing mine,she whispered....
I love your dick,I am spoiled...but now I want it in me....can you roll on the condom with your mouth I asked ?…she obliged. And in no time it was on and penetrating her wet pussy,as she was riding me like there was no tomorrow....
Suddenly she stopped she looked at me, then her eyes closed ,her mouth opened,her body was shaking...her first O; she then fell in my arms for kissing
And cuddling ....soon her hand was feeling my sex again,and entered as spoon bed doggy....that was something else.... ». Oui,oui, ouiii,mon dieu,c’est bon,plus fort ,oui,continue,tu vas me faire jouir ! » second O... JUST check it out yourself for will give you an additional incentive to see her.
Anyway it will always sound better in French........ It is what it is !
My turn to make you come...and in a semi - missionary position we resumed
our pleasant facing her I could watch her expressions when moaning,obviously the DFK kissing lip sucking,is at hand and we both avidly are amazing she says being able to hold on so long.....there are 3 main reasons why this is so, I said : first,I am older and ejaculation has become ,yes,important but secondary . Second,the pleasure I derive from watching a
woman ‘s satisfaction is immense, thirdly because ejaculation is only a small
portion of the TOTAL pleasure to be derived in a sexual relationship....anyone having had tantric massages will have experienced that the ejaculation in a peak is allowed to fall back and thence reactivated....this process is repeated,and is extremely pleasant..Until the feeling of great pleasure is expleriened as rings moving through the body as waves a pleasure or joy never experienced before.
To conclude the finish off with Azalee,the buildup had become unbearable,the thrusting hasd increased,the speed of our movements at a maximum,we kissed passionately,as our bodies
had become a unique source of pleasure ....difficult to disengage but still we are NOW back in reality....and yes we are two .....but the two are ever so happy to have met. 

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Azalee of MSC ( A Mature Sex Kitten)

When Jessy told me she had new girl Azalee starting with MSC I jumped at the chance to see her. I enjoy seeing my favorites all stars Like Michele and Madison but I always enjoy seeing someone new. I asked what is she like, Jessy just said trust me you be happy and I was. When I opened the door I was greeted by a petite MILF with a great smile. Alzee has nice body a great Butt the kind Butt that if I saw her on the street I would follow her for blocks in the wrong direction. She has flirty playful personality. My best description is a Mature Sex Kitten. Her service is great she enjoys what she does and made me very happy. If Jessy keeps add All Stars like Azalee to roster I am going have extend length of trips to Montreal so I can see them all. Azalee speaks French with a little English I speak no French and we got a long fine. She is on my Must repeat list
- Cat Daddy

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I was lucky enough to Madison last week she only works a few shifts it’s been a few years since I last saw her and was delighted when I emailed Jessy about her availability and was able book our session in advance. Madison is delightful charming woman she is well educated and pleasure to chat with in between rounds. I was losing track of time as we chatted after round 1 and she took control and started round 2. She is in my personal hall of fame and I hope I am lucky enough to see her again.
- Cat Daddy

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Christina at Montreal Sex City - "Return of the Jedi"

I'd like to start with OMFG ....

Christina has returned and she looks great!

I hadn't seen her for a couple of years now but thankfully she's back. Her service is top notch and an example of what we all hope the new service providers will some day become.

Services included DFK, LFK, DATY, DATO, BBBJ (...a real snake charmer...), CIM available, Russian, FS ...didn't ask about the isles..

Summary IMHO...

Looks 8+
bod 8+
Personality 10 for me she is bright and bubbly
Service 11 (she is handicap friendly thank goodness)


...Buckle your seat belt and keep your hands inside the ride at all times... 
- Bermudanax

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J'ai rencontré christina dernièrement j'ai apeller jessy de msc comme toujour réponse rapide de la part de jessy .christina était disponible.
Christina est arrivé à l'heure prévu j'ai ouvert la porte et une très jolie femme est rentré dans la chambre.
elle m'a mis allaise tout de suite elle est une femme avec de grande connaissance sur tout très agréable de jaser avec cette déesse et elle a un sens de l'humour que j'adore tres tres drôle .
par la suite les chose son devenu de plus en plus chaud
Elle a de très jolie lèvre et une des plus belle paire de sein et de fesse que j'ai vu sur une femme et embrasse très bien
Et pour le reste tout était fabuleux plusieur position
Et ces compétence oral son hors de ce monde il son fantastique
En gros christina Est une jolie femme intelligente avec un grand sens d'humour qui adore taquiner
une vrai GFE merci christina .
- Tlx

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I was intrigued by Pixie’s profile, one of the newest additions to the MSC team. My intrigue helped me overcome any hesitation I had due to the lack of reviews.

Pixie arrived right on time, wearing a skirt and heels. She looked sexy yet classy. I was happy with my decision to book her and anxious to get things started.

After a brief conversation, we headed to the bedroom. Underneath her clothes was an incredible body. She spends a lot of time at the gym and it shows. Her body is lean and fit. I particularly liked her ass. It’s firm, and I suspect she does plenty of squats at the gym.

She is very sweet. She wanted to make sure I had a great time. She was GFE with me. She is not a clockwatcher and jumped in the shower with a few minutes to go.

I think she is a great addition to the MSC team and should become very popular. I would repeat. Treat her well. 
- captainmax

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Saw her today. Was on my radar since long today was the day. If you love latina with CURVES you should like her. Maya has one of the prettiest face.....beautiful eyes and lips...long dark hair. Not a spinner..tall 5'7 and would say around 130 lbs....very very round asses et des cuisses bien en chair.

Have asked for high heels and sexy dress..and you know what? Before coming she went shopping to buy a dress....could you believe that....a real sweetheart who wants to please...i love it.....the dress was hot.....beige and very short and sexy....thank you so much.

Very soft skin... soft DFK...will play with your tongue...nice small breast with piercings so you have to deal with BUT she likes a LOT when you play with..she will moan. The best part was DATY-DIGITS....very clean and delicious....she enjoys a lot to b f......begging for more.

Please don't ask me and forgive me for the will not believe me BUT she did not perform any CAUSE of me who really wants to PLEASE her.....and that's what i did. Her pleasue was mine. So hope some day you will tell sure she is great at it. At the end she said it's about time i took care

of you BUT time was almost next time pretty girl.

So all in all a very nice encounter with a very sweet girl.

Thannks Jessy...was a pleasure to talk with you again.
- gaby

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Saw her last night. DELICIOUS-JUST DELICIOUS. Long time i have not been with a black sp.....mais l'attente valait la peine...back in my comfort zone. Pics are acurate.

Taylor is a mixte can't go wrong.....really my taste. Tall girl 5,7--120 125 lbs, pretty face with very light brown beautiful eyes and a killer body with soft dark hair. Long nice legs, small breast and envoutantes round asses...can't ask for more.

She was dressed the way i LOVE...short sexy green dress with high heels....houha....i knew i would have good time. Could have looking at her all night long.

Taylor is very young--19---but omg and oh surprise....she really knows how to TEASE and PLEASE......that's what i like with black girls....all is about pure sensuality. Not passive at all. Please b sure to have mirors around afin de pouvoir admirer that f...body.

As soon she gets undressed she was all over me...kissing my body, DFK and she immediatly drove my hand between her legs....she loves it...BBBJ was super...keeping looking at you....and could deliver for long long...

DATY and DIGITS were fabulous....and she likes you squeeze her breast very very hard while eating her or f...her.....69 was also delicious. She is not vocal BUT her body language dit tout.

She smells very good et d'une hygiène parfaite. Non smoker and non clock watcher at's me who had to remind her our time was expired.

So a very enjoyable encounter with a beautiful girl who just wants to please you.

Was nice to renew with Jessy for to tallk with a friend.

Thanks surtout thanks Taylor.
- gaby

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I also saw Maya of Montreal Sex City ! What a beautiful young Latina lady ! Indeed she does look like a young Salma Hayek ! She is very new to the business and really knows how to please you. I saw her for two hours and those two hours just flew by !

Service wise Maya was very good and she knew just how to get me very aroused throughout our entire session. She is a curvy young woman, with a nice butt (think of J. Lo) and nice perky breasts. Her true beauty is her personality and of course her gorgeous face !

I do not personally believe in giving ladies numbered ratings as that is not fair since those are all very subjective but I must say that Maya truly is a DDG lady and you will not be disappointed ! I had a really good time with her and I highly recommend her ! I will definitely be repeating with Maya !
- thenewyorker

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Selma Hayek look-alike. Comes as described. New to the trade, but takes guidance well.
Fantastic and a definite repeat.

MAYA 20 yrs *
Latina Lady
Black hair - Brown Eyes
5 ' 8 ' ' - 120 lbs - 34 C (N)
Authentique Debutante

GFE: Bbbj~Daty~Lfk/Dfk

DDG 10/10 Beauty !!!
MSC New Instant Hit!!
MTL New HeartBreaker!

Small tattoo, 1 piercing, Non smoker!
Speaks english and french
Escapades, Dinner dates, overnights. 
- Todd Montour

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I met Michelle again (my third time after 2 meetings in 2016) during my trip to Montreal in September. She doesn't work that often since she has a busy life outside of escorting, but when I saw her on the MSC schedule, I booked her right away. I had hoped to meet her during two earlier trips to Montreal in 2017 but she was either booked or unavailable.

Though I had not seen her in over a year, we picked up where we had left off in the summer of 2016. As I noted in my previous review, Michelle has both high IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence). She knows how to connect with people and make them feel good. She made me feel like I was meeting an old friend and lover.

I had booked her for 1.5 hours but a few minutes after she had arrived, I asked her if she could stay 2 hours. She quickly checked with the MSC booker and confirmed that she could. I wish I could have kept her all night and all the next day too.

We shared a couple glasses of wine and talked for the first hour. As the time flew by, I finally realized that we needed to get down to business. As with my previous two experiences with her, I also connected really well with Michelle in bed. She is an eager, enthusiastic and very sensual intimate companion. She knows how to please a man and seems to take pleasure in her ability to do so. With me she checked all the boxes of the "girlfriend experience," but that's not the reason she made me feel like I was spending time with a girlfriend. It was more the total experience--the combination of her looks, her personality and her performance. I don't seek out repeat visits with girls very often but Michelle is one girl that I would gladly see anytime she is available when I am in Montreal.

- Cap Renault

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I met with Leelou on my last night in Montreal. I'm don't think I'm exaggerating when I say my time spent with her was the highlight of my entire trip. She was super easy to talk to, down to earth, and a lot of fun to be with. So much that in the middle of my 1hr booking, I made arrangements to extend it to 2hrs, which is the first time I've ever done that. Heck, I would have had her stay all night if I could have. On top of all of the physical stuff (which was great, as everyone else has already detailed), she's just really sweet and wonderful to talk to. If I lived in Montreal, I would without a doubt be a regular. Though that might not be the best idea, because I could probably fall in love with her if I wasn't careful.

- mathgeek

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Je viens de constater que MSC vient de compléter la nouvelle collection de photos de JAZMINE......bravo......beaucoup mieux et révélateur qu'auparavant......really what you see is what you can't find a better definition of EBONY SPINNER...just beautiful.
- gaby

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Leelou is a late night delight, just what the doctor ordered after a long and tiring day. After a day of roller bladding, running around and catching up on weekly chores, i was ready for a great end to long day.

Leelou arrives early, its ok, i had just finished lighting all the candles, so perfect timing to what i would later consider a perfect ending to this long day.

Leelou enters and i take her coat, a nice kiss and a little chit chat as i lead her into the kitchen, offer her a drink, she points out that she does not drink alcohol, no problem, water for two it is. As i pour i tell her the chocolate on the table is for her, a thank you and a kiss and the night is off to a good start.

As we sit and chat for a bit, getting to know each other, some lite kissing and petting, she loves kissing and who am i to not oblige this pretty young woman. She excuses herself and goes to freshen up, when she returns she sits across my lap, kisses me, she pulls her shirt off, then mine, we kiss for a bit, i liberate her from her bra, what a beautiful site, i gently kiss her breasts, she reacts, they are sensitive to the touch, she stands and starts to unbutton my pants, then hers, she takes by the hand and asks if we can go to the bedroom, of course we can, as i follow her, leelou is slowly removing her pants, i can see her curves, all in the right places, shoulders out, as i follow her curves down her torso, from chest to hips, the curvature is perfect, nice round derriere, her pants at her ankles now, she lays on the bed and i help her out of her pants, as i pull mine off she turns and flaunts her ass, i slap it and the fun has started.

And you know how the rest of the time goes, you have all been there...Everything previously written is accurate, Leelou is a wonderful woman, she knows how to please a man(or woman), once she gets started, you will be more then happy to have shared an evening with her.

Leelou is a pleasure to spend time with, she is pretty, sexy, funny and knows how to make you feel great after a long day, my only regret was that i didn't go for the extra hour, but like i said, it was a long day and i was feeling it. Next time for sure i will go for longer.

I don't know about everyone else, but as for china dolls, sure they are petite and cute, but if i was given the choice, Leelou has everything i want, a real woman's body with attitude.

Thank you Leelou for a wonderful night, see you soon. Get your rest, you will need it...

Thor Jr

- Thor Jr

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Not much to add on Michelle but I will say her personality is energetic and charismatic and when it comes to being a service provider, those traits make it distinguishable and memorable.

I liked that she took the lead, but not in a demanding authoritive way of saying "Do This!, Do That!", but rather in a natural casual way of "let's now do this, would you like to do that" sort of way.
She does enjoy spanking and is a good sport
I enjoyed watching her orgasm and how the color of her face changed
And I'm not a breast guy but hers were amazing and lovely to play with - which she enjoys very much

Michelle is worthy of a repeat and definitely worth recommending to anyone looking to have a great time with a great gal.

- views

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Gaby, et Pat98, grands amateurs d'ébènes, et vous tous également, voici, je vous avais promis.


Jazmine,....comme une fleur de Jasmin...
Quelle fleur!...cueillie fraîche en mon jardin...
Le Jardin ardent des amours lointains,
Où s'envolaient ces parfums si divins...
De ma jeunesse...

Ma muse Africaine, panthère du Congo...
Aux aguêts de sa proie, l'homme et sa peau!...
Caressée soyeusement comme une soie de Chine,
Par cette courtisane si douce et si divine...

Qu'est-ce que l'amour sinon la Tendresse?...
Et tous ces ébâts, remplis de caresses?...
Mes lévres arrêtées au portail des siennes,
Entre ses jambes, prisonnières des miennes....

Alors où se joignent,...Amour et Raison?...
Cueillis par deux coeurs, vibrant au Diapazon...
Et où se mêlent volupté et désir,
Éperdument perdus au sommet du plaisir...

Jazmine, ma Cobra Africaine,
tu as percé mon coeur de ton venin divin,
Que ferais-je avec les autres, dorénavant?
Dans mon coeur tes lèvres seront toujours un "pourtant?"..
Oubliées au rebord de ce tumultueux Volcan!

- marc.bmnt

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I saw Michelle last week she is incredible the total package beauty brains and excellent service. When I opened the door I saw this little blonde angel with a sly smile.
We chatted a bit she is charming. Service wise OMG GFE all the way so much so I damn near called Jessy and ask her send priest because I want marry this girl or at least take back home to states with me. Her body is wonderful and responsive, her eyes are amazing. Her service was unrushed and spontaneous. On a scale from 1 to 10 She is a 12.5 .IS she my new favorite I am not sure but I plan on spending more time her. I may even have to move closer to the mecca of Montreal just so I can see her more often.

- Cat Daddy

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I was in town last week during the snow storm. I had rebook my flights 3 times I spent 1.5 stuck on the tarmac at O'Hare and 1.5 hours stuck in traffic to get to my hotel. I had prebooked with Miss Jessy and texted her from Chicago asking if I make to Montreal will anyone be able see me ? When landed I had welcome to Montreal text from MSC saying the would honor my booked appointment. Several times during journey to Montreal I ask myself is worth all this trouble to hobby in Montreal. I can say HELL YEAH after my session with Leelou. I will add to what Leandre has stated she is not your typical china doll she tall with short hair, but I think she has a jackpot combination of the beauty of an Asian girl but with cool the Canadian vibe. She a pretty face with a very responsive body seems and to enjoy what she does. Leelou is GFE and all I can say is now I think the Chinese buffet I all I want sweet Leelou everyday.
Door to Door my trip to Montreal took 12 hours but if leads me to a session a with Leelou I would make trip everyday. Once again MSC and Missy Jessy show why there are gold standard for customer in Montreal if not all North American

- Cat Daddy

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This is my first review. Typically I do not review, however, Michelle just asked so very nicely, and the whole experience with her was absolutely stellar.
Probably the best experience I have had with a sp.

Booked a 3hr session with her on a snowy late afternoon/early evening.
Worth. Every. Penny.

HHer body is slammin', she is smart, funny, great at conversation, and knows exactly what she is doing.
She gives an excellent massage, and went out of her way to make sure the whole experience was one to remember.
I won't get into details, but suffice to say, you best stretch before to make sure you get the most out of this encounter.

Looks: 9/10
Body: 10/10
Service: 11/10

- Mtltesting123

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I saw Jazmine recently. Exotic is the word, She is a mix of a number of backgrounds and with the hybrid genetics you end up with a lovely light chocolate green eyed beauty. She is a giggler. I find it endearing and gives her a bit of an innocent cast which she is far from actually being in reality. GFE even PSE service was offered and partaken by me.
Face 9
Body 9 (very thin - not for people who like curves or softness)
Service 10
Repeat - no only because I VERY rarely if ever do - but for most would be a yes
- ikea1999

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knock on the door, and i opened to this bubbly
girl, wearing a student outfit, blue checkered skirt, with grey knee high socks
come on in mlle, the teacher was waiting for you.

a little chit chat and a drink, but soon this lady leans over lfk's me and
pulls out on of her big boobies for me to enjoy
and i did, out comes the other one, a sight to see.

smacked her butt, and said come michelle, let's go to cobra's headquarters
as usual i put my anti squirt blanket, when she asked me what's that
i explained, and she said i'm sorry i don't squirt, no problem it's just a precaution

started with lfk that turned to dfk in no time, went to enjoy the big twins of hers again
to finally continue down and reach the mother ship,a lot of teasing went on,
inserted a finger with a nice in and out movement,
that thing started talking to me with a swish swish sound

then as fast as paul biron on a breakaway, she turns on all fours
g spot digiting continued, i added some nice ass crack licking
with occasionnally licking her cleaned a-hole

her breathing and butt movement was pretty high by now
didn't take long a little squirt popped out,
rubbed it on her cheek,making her feel the wetness
cause she didn't seem to beleive it

that must of turned her on cause when i went back
within seconds, a second squirt appeared.
rubbed her butt and back with the juices, awesome

said to her how about taken it up a notch, reached for my g spot vib,
i slowly inserted it her
a good in and out movement with some extra vib added,
what a view,

by this time with also more butt area licking,
her body started to syncronize the toy.
watching her big breast move in my side mirror was also a treat

couple of minutes of this and she gave out a pretty good moan as
a very decent squirt occured,
come on cutie you can do it again, i then said,look in the mirror and watch it
she was staring at a lot of action back there

by now she was in her own zone,her moving to the toy increased, breathing pretty heavily
me licking everywhere, a smack in and there
till she bursted with one hell of a squirt,

she then just crashed on her stomack, happy as hell
as she told me, to have finally squirted

after a while, she gave me one hell of a bbbj with cob
had that target in mind since we started on the couch lol

thanks michelle and msc for a great rdv

- cobra1

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What's an American dude to do when he finds out our Canadian friends observe their Labor Day not only on the same day as the Yankees but all of the shops, including grocery stores and wine shops close. Yes, closed! Many of my fellow Americans staying at the same hotel were equally surprised by this. Well, luckily, I was able to book a little quality time with Michelle. Thank goodness, I did and Michelle was available from one of my beloved agencies, MSC.

After I open the door and let Michelle in, she began to hug me, even before the door closed, and we began kissing, like two lovers who hadn't seen each others since we both left for work in the morning. She looks so cute in her lovely summer dress. Sadly, she said she's shorter because a heel on her high heal broke so she has to wear (expensive looking) sandals.

I always keep food (like fruits, cookies and chocolate) and water, energy drinks, and Chablis in my hotel guest room; mostly to enjoy them with the ladies. Michelle said she was hungry and she ate a banana like she was doing a BBBJ -- awesome sight to behold, especially since she sat on the floor and had me sit on a chair and ate the banana near my Mr. Johnson and gave it some tender loving care using her free hand. (I told her I must be in a movie.) Michelle accepted my offer of Chablis, a William Fevre Champs Royaux 2015 that I opened last night and drank half of. That's what I love about Chablis -- it pairs well with anything, like bananas and Michelle's "V" juices.

My hotel room has a Herman Chair. I asked Michelle to sit in that chair while she ate, after we got her undressed. While she was eating another banana in that chair, I engaged in digits and DATY (on her pretty "V") and played with her nice breasts. I was able to help Michelle achieve an orgasm while she was eating a banana and drinking Chablis. (I wish employers offered this fringe benefits at the office for dedicated worker bees like me!)

I know this issue belongs in the health section but it's a mixed issue that arose while I was speaking with an SP. Michelle and I talked about the pimples around her perineal areas, which I've seen on two other ladies on this visit; I've never see it before. All the ladies said they think it's caused by hair waxing; the hair follicle are growing inward, creating pimples. I told her about an infection issue that closed down numerous nail salons in the U.S. a few years ago, and I told her it could be the new waxing products salons are using that are causing possible infections on a large scale. I realize the SP's have to do some much to prepare themselves to please so many folks, especially the Hobbyists. But I hope I'm wrong about the infection suspicion but I've never seen this issue since I've been Hobbying in Montreal for nearly a decade. Perhaps a Merb member with a medical background can shed some light on this issue in the health section.

After taking, eating and drinking, Michelle said I want to please you. I responded by saying if I can make you happy (achieve multiple orgasms) then it will be more pleasant for you to make me happy and happier. Besides, I said, it makes me happy to make a lady achieve multiple orgasms.

I asked if she likes to play with herself and she smiled and said yes. I love watching ladies please themselves. And Michelle happily complied. The beast in me just can't stand by when a lovely blond is playing with herself so I joined in. Her clit is sensitive so she kept asking me to be more gentle with her sensitive clit, but she used two fingers to penetrate herself and started some vigorous digits on herself -- it was so hot! I joined in and played with her smooth, pretty breasts and joined her with my own fingers, at which time, Michelle rubbed her clit gently. Michelle expresses her pleasure verbally -- music to my ears. After achieving her orgasm, she said she wants to pleasure me. She started with my Mr. Johnson, which was already erect and I'm not too much into BJ's. So, we commenced with the main courses.

We started with missionary; it was great -- she loves getting pounded and she too started pounding. She screamed. So we rested a bit and sipped more Chablis. Then back to more fun. I asked her to ride me; Michelle rides well and it was great to see her natural breasts bouncing and squeezing them (I think she said the left breast was very sensitive and she does not know why). We then got into doggie; she fully participated. My Mr. Johnson does not give up his load easily, since he only has one shot a day.

We had about 10 more minutes left and Michelle asked me if I would take a shower with her and she would give me a back rub. (I previously declined a massage because I'm still trying to recover from a 90 minutes deep tissue massage last night at my hotel spa.) Michelle leather up a bit in the shower and my Mr. Johnson got even harder as I was playing with the wet and soapy breasts. Michelle then leather me up and started playing with my Mr. Johnson. I remember a trick I learned from watching porn (ladies pleasuring themselves) -- I started fingering from the front, while Michelle rub her own clit gently, and, I used a finger from my other hand and started digits on the backside of her "V" -- Michelle loved it and she had the most intense and long orgasm.

That damn time thing! Anyway, our time was up. Would I repeat, yes, especially since Michelle said she'd love to come back (pun intended) . Michelle is very pretty, playful and her English is good. She has lovely eyes (at one point she told me to look at her eyes so my own pleasures would be intensified) and nose (I have a thing for beautiful nose) -- I teased her that she must have bought her beautiful nose for a million dollars. Her apt response was "you think I'm not a human being?" Michelle is very sweet!

- Shy Manbr

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Needless to say the beautiful moments spent with this fantastic lady were highly appreciated
As she walked in I was impressed by her way of introducing herself in that lovely sexy dress she
was wearing….she said,you asked the booker for a sexy dress and I hope this does not disappoint
you…..i must admit I was thrown off balance at first….such a direct genuine remark was unexpected yet it was the truth….. I made my remarks,and right there the ice was broken….a huge hug followed as I kissed her neck and shoulder…..her reaction told me I had touched her "weak
spot" as she rubbed herself aginst me….lfk, dfk, began.
I served a cold glass of white wine, and we began exchanging on our interests etc.
I always give those moments top priority and they are highly appreciated. They open up roads
which would otherwise remain shut…..we felt at ease as we touched common grounds of interest.
Psychologically at ease, physical contact was enhanced greatly….we were both happy to have met.
Michelle has a beautiful body nice breasts, beautiful piercing eyes and a personnality
matching at all levels
We were ready for contact as we kissed passionately, I felt her breasts outside and inside,
we fell on the nearby bed ,I on top of her…..she asked me to unzip her dress I began caressing
and kissing those beautiful breasts….she was shivering with pleasure as i was feeling her sex
simultaneusy….her dress came off…..we were in for a real good session…..the tiger in her came out; suddenly she began removing my clothes….I helped to make it faster…..then she said: let me kiss you all over…soon I was under her both naked ,she held my hands down and was covering me with kisses ….so sensual as she got down for a fantastic BBBJ… I love what I see she said, and let me enjoy it….. her expert lips and tongue brought me to high peaks as she used a lot of saliva…..she DT several times ,coming up for wet DFK….I held on.
I turned her around….it was my turnto please her….DFK, sucking her erect nipples ,and going
down for DATY….she loves sensuality….at this point she stopped me : comme up for DFK, massaging her G spot and caressing her breasts simultaneously….she had a fantastic O
a few minutes cuddling then another O followed….Time was moving unnoticed…..
I asked her to put on a condom…she said no lub….I am so wet…. as i went in she guided me
asking me to be careful….the sensation was marvelous for both, as I was moving in her with slow strockes, she asked if she could massage her clit…..of course I said ,and as I accelerated
her eyes closed, opened and rolled back……her O was so exciting and my pleasure so intense
Time was over…..yet it never existed in that wonderful expérience. 


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I met Michelle two times during my recent visit to Montreal and I enthusiastically agree with the nice things that other posters have said about her. I don't do repeat visits with girls very often and I have almost never repeated with a girl during the same visit to Montreal. But I could not resist Michelle's charms and so I met her twice during the same visit-on the first night and the last night.

Michelle is a pretty blonde (though she is not a natural blonde, the color looks good on her) with what for me is a killer, all natural body. She is fairly petite but has a very nicely proportioned body: a slender waist, a sweet round ass and perfect small C breasts. I love one other thing about her body: she is nicely tanned but with tan lines. Remember when girls had tan lines? I always thought that tan lines focused attention on a woman's erogenous zones and I have never really liked the modern look of the all over tan. Another thing I loved about Michelle's appearance was that her breasts are so nice that she easily went braless in the short sexy summer dresses she wore. A girl has to have really nice breasts to carry off the braless look successfully. She has no tattoos which I also prefer.

As great as Michelle's physical attributes are, her personality and service are even better. Michelle is smart, well-educated, intellectually curious and fairly well traveled. She is fun and interesting to talk with.

In bed, the girl is a tigress. She is sexy, sensual and seductive. She kisses well and seems to love physical contact. She has a very strong sex drive and she seems to never tire. She wore me out well before I could wear her out.

SShe enjoys DATY, performs an excellent BBBj and she seemed comfortable and enthusiastic in any sex position we tried. For me as usual, doggy and lazy doggy were the best. Oh Calcutta! (oh, quel cul t'as!)

All in all, Michelle has the total package: looks, personality & service. I recommend her highly and I would definitely see her again.

- CaptRenault

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This agency is really great. They always have one or two really nice girls on their roster.
Everything comes as described.
Real pros.

* MICHELLE - 22 yrs *
Quebecois Lady
Straight Blonde - Hazel Eyes
5 ' 2 ' ' - 110 lbs - 34 C (N)
True Hot Debutante!

GGFE: Bbbj~Daty~Lfk/Dfk
PSE: Cim ($)

MSC's new instant hit!
Incredibly hot petite blonde!
Already melting hearts around!

Speaks french, english!
No tattoos, no piercings, non-smoker
Escapades, Dinner dates, overnights.

- Todd Montour

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I just finished a 2 hour appointment with Michelle. As always, booking with MSC is easy. Patrick was very easy to work with. Michelle arrived on time and looking so cute. The details on weight and height are spot on, though her pictures don't do her justice. She has a sexy gymnast body that is now filling out into womanhood in the most positive way. When I asked her if she had been a gymnast earlier in life, she smiled and said, "actually, yes". After some wine, chit chat and flirting, we started kissing. LFK led to DFK - she's a good kisser.
She did a sexy little lap dance for me, which led to a BBBJ and with some attention paid to the oefs along the way. Lots of eye contact and moisture. As she performed the BJ, she seemed to enjoy it and started playing with herself. I wanted in on that, so I asked he to get up on the bed so I could perform DATY. After a couple of minutes, she started to moan and rock her hips and asked me to play with her breasts as she came hard. I gave her a minute to catch her breath before we started DATY part deux. Digits were accepted (and asked for) as she had another hard O while massaging the G spot.
After that it was a couple of sips of wine and then back to the BBBJ., which progressed to 69 and another O for her. She smiled (she has an amazingly cute smile) and asked me to please let her put a condom on me so she could climb aboard. CG was good and she came again, then rode me until we came together.
We took a breather, had some more wine and chatted a bit more. She is very full of life and has a great sense of adventure and we shared a few travel stories and laughs. She proceeded to offer a massage which I gladly accepted.
On to round 2, again a BBBJ, followed by more DATY and another O for her. She asked me again to let her put the condom on so she could climb back on. More riding and another powerful O for her. Time was getting short and unfortunately I did not have a second shot, but it was not for lack of effort on her part. It's tough to get old . At this point the driver called to say he was on his way. Some cuddling, more kissing and then she asked me to share the shower and wash her back for her. After some sensual lathering, we rinsed off, got dressed and said our goodbyes. I was very sad to see her leave, as I had a really nice time. Thor Jr summed it up very well in the last couple of paragraphs in his review as to the general vibe of the session.
I'm not going to give a numbers rating, but I am going to say that EVERYTHING about the session was extremely positive and I would definitely repeat with her. I hope she is still working the next time I come to town. If you like friendly, perky, spinners, with a zest for life, then Michelle is the girl for you. Treat her with kindness and you will be rewarded in kind. Thank you Michelle for a wonderful time!

- wadman

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Jazmine at Montreal Sex city

I'm having a surreal day. I just want to preface this review by saying that. I got not one but two parking tickets today (hidden sign and a jackass metermaid who said his machine was one minute ahead of my watch, which said I was back on time). I'm a Montreal native who now lives in vancouver, but I worked as a courier in my younger years and know how the jackass parking works here, so to get caught twice is galling, especially since I'm in a rental car and can't tell them to eff off. But I digress...

Now (entering into story telling mode) I have been coming back home to Montreal regularly over the past three years and in that time I have dveeloped and maitained relationships with two indy girls (backup plan) who both decided to retire with a month of each other and just before my visit here now. Since I now had no regular girl to see I ended up calling an agency for some comapy, which I haven't done for a while, and after finding out that Karla had gone on leave for a few months (or longer) I made a date to see Jazmine. Jesse the booker was excellent and helpful. Topnotch professional. so Jazmine arrived about 10 minutes late, but since I have been dealing with asian and latin SPs for whom 10 minutes late is like arriving a half hour early this was a minor inconvenience. Jazmine looked lovely, although slimmer than my usual tastes. A nice greetng and she steps into my apt and here's where I made my mistake. We are creatres of habit, and I'm used to dealing with freelancers, and I usually have a little "getting to know you" phase. Jazmine was very pleasant and we hit it off immediately, and chatting gaily until such time as I realized I only had a few minutes left on the clock. Now, with a freelancer you were getting along with this well you would just run the session long or until she felt like leaving, whch for me has on occasion been the entire night. In this case she said "oh!" and said what can we do with the little time we have? She called the driver to see if she could extend a few minutes but he said time to get the cash and go, so here's my review: Jazmine is an awesome kisser. lol. Excellent company. Would I repeat? sure! I have to say I had a good time even just chatting with here and I can also say it was kind of a novel experience (never having happened before.ever.anywhere) The lesson to be learned is: either stick to indy girls or shut the fuck up and get to business quick. Hey, I'm stilll learning and I'm deeply experienced at this hobby. I'm laughing it off and don't really regret it too badly, even if I did lose trac of time. I'll see her again and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a great session when I do.

So, she left, and my surreal night continued, but since that involves MPs I'm going to move to the MP session.
- urquell

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Had a fun two hours with Michelle. First impression was that she was very serious and professional looking, which was a surprise. Not a problem though, as she quickly shed her full-length coat and conversation came easily. For some reason I was expecting less maturity and style. Only took 2 minutes for me to re-calibrate, and we got along very well as I very much enjoy that kind of company as well. She's not shy and once I convinced her that I was all about spoiling her, she was wonderfully specific as to what she liked. A couple of times she was embarrassed and apologized for her English, but I thought it was perfectly fine and we chatted about many things. I hope to see her again and find out if she liked my movie recommendations.

- greenacres99

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Every once in a while, we come upon someone who is not only beautiful, but has those angelic features, the kind that is mesmerizing, and Jasmine is this person, i fell under her spell from the minute i opened the door. Her eyes may be green in the light of day, but in the night under low lighting they are dark and shiny, like her skin, that is soft to the touch.

Once the pleasantries of introductions are over, we open a bottle of wine, we settle on the bed, i am warm and have the windows open, so i ask if its ok if i take my clothes off, and without an answer, she starts to disrobe herself, sitting there in only our underwear, we have a very nice chat, tell each other secrets of our past and she moves onto my lap, our eyes meet, her full soft lips close to mine, we kiss, our tongues make contact, everything feels natural and flows perfectly, we lay down and we let our hunger take over, Jasmine handling me, myself caressing her neck, venturing down till i get to her small but more then perfect breasts, nipples erect, i lick and suck on them, i push her up on the bed, i continue my journey down, to find her sweet lips moist, i take a lick, bite her inner thigh, return for another lick, tastes so good, i play with her lips with my tongue, with every lick, she follows with her hips, up and down, she wants more, after a few minutes, i go for digits, at first one, then two, she is going wild now, very vocal, and sexy,dirty talk, i keep the rhythm going with my tongue, lips and digits till she orgasms, she is so wet now, she lays there for a few seconds, getting her composer, then she jumps up and grabs me,pushes me down on my back, bites my nipples hard and down she goes, working with her mouth, tongue and lips, not leaving anything untouched, with every motion, stroke, lick, she tries to keep eye contact at all times, it is a beautiful site, it felt so good, i tried to last as long as i could, but eventually i succumbed to the her skills and passion and i let go, with our eyes still connected, it was intense, she let some drip onto her nipples and i sat up and licked her breasts clean, and we fell on the bed with a kiss and just laid there, chatted about how we felt at the moment and how we weren't done for the evening just yet.

We got up, finished off the first bottle of wine, as we looked out into the darkness of the night and the city lights in the distance, me drinking some wine and jasmine eating chocolate, i guess we were having a moment, cause i turned, looked at her and wow, her standing there naked, her dark skin, glistening from the evening light and i have to tell you, this woman is beautiful, and just like that we were back at it again, in an embrace and a kiss of passion, she grabs my hand and pulls me to the bed, pushes me on my back and climbs on top of me, we kiss, grope, lick, bite, i can feel her wetness on my little guys, its time, we both reach for the nightstand, she gets there first, she tears it open and inserts LT into it and she slowly slides me inside of her, at first its a slow pace, both of us in rhythm with each other, we start to pick up the pace, she leans back and starts to yell, i grab hold of her and throw her unto her back and go hard with her, she responds with every stroke with lots of dirty talk, its going good, but i cant hold on anymore, i let go, after, i collapse next to her and we just enjoyed the time we had left.

When it came time for her shower, i watched her walk to the bathroom and what a view, she has an incredible ass. She came back to get something and i was standing there by the window again, i looked at her and walked over to her and kissed her neck, well, what can i say, the passion was still there, we kissed and we were caressing each other again, before we knew it, we were on the edge of the bed and one thing led to another, and i guess its true about the third time is a charm, and it was, we got lost for a few more minutes.

Well the evening started and ended great, Jasmine is something else, beautiful, sexy and passionate, and i have already repeated with her, so i guess that says something.

When i say shes beautiful, i think im not being nice enough, ok, lets say tyra banks and denzel washington had a daughter, this would be jasmine. What else could i possibly say.

Ok, a shout out to MSC and of course JP, for making this evening happen, sorry JP, for the wait, couldn't be avoided. Easy booking, great service and always with a smile.

And yes, i will see her again..... gaby, i am pretty sure we had the same great time.

Thor Jr

- Thor Jr

Source = Montreal GFE Jazmine's



Saw her again last nite for 2 hours. What can i say......this girl is amazing. It was even better than the first time. Comme nous avions déjà brisé la glace et que j'étais moins intimidé par sa beauté et prestance...nous sommes donc passé à l'action très tôt non stop pour mon plus grand bonheur le sien j'ose croire.

Mon petit doigt me dit que Jazmine ne fera pas carrière très longtemps ...alors si vous êtes un ebony lover don't wait too long...

Am not in numbers but FOR ME this girl is just perfect. Elle est belle, gracieuse et A TOUS LES TALENTS.

C'était mon dernier outcall pour quelques mois et c'est certain qu'elle va me manquer.

So thanks again Jazmine.....and sorry Jessy pour avoir dépassé le temps de beaucoup....nous étions dans les vapeurs...merci de ta compréhension.. Ce fut un réel plaisir encore une fois de faire affaire avec toi...grand merci.

- gaby

Source = Montreal GFE Jazmine's



Just WOW. Saw her yesterday nite....OMG OMG OMG.....welcome in the major leagues. Jazmine--pour moi--est d'une classe à part par sa pure beauté, sa facon d'être et son unique sensualité....une véritable déesse. So thanks gentlemen because she was not on my radar at all and i would have missed something very

unique and special .Merci particulièremnt à Lolapablo pour avoir répondu à mes questions. When i saw HER at the reception j'ai été immédiatement séduit. Elle portait un jean très moulant et une belle blouse ouverte dans le dos...montée sur high heels...très sexy et super belle. Sa description est exacte.....grande, très slim avec des yeux superbes et des lèvres pulpeuses qui vous figent. Je n'ai noté aucun tattoo mais faut dire que la chambre était très tamisée....elle sent bon et d'une hygiène irréprochable.

I went for 90 minutes et hélas ce fut trop court. Nous avons pris un verre et échangé durant au moins 30 minutes abordant même des sujets très personnels et intimes. Cette fille au début est très réservée, calme, attentive ,intelligente et sensible.....j'en étais même paralysé et n'osait même pas imaginer ce qui allait suivre.

Et pourtant j'en ai rencontré.... mais avec elle j'hésitais avant de passer à l'action.. j'étais intimidé et j'aurais discuté des heures tellement j'aimais sa compagnie.
Au lit elle s'est dévêtue immédiatement et s'est allongée sur moi et m'a livré un passionné DFK qui a été présent tout au long de la à partir de là ce fut un feu roulant NON STOP de sublimes jouissances. Jazmine se transforme rapidement en une bête de sexe inassouvie qui en redemande.

A un moment donné elle a saisi un oreiller pour atténuer ses gé oui elle jouit et gémit beaucoup. A plusieurs occasions elle criait...FUCK ME......quel fabuleux spectacle. Et que dire de ses superbes fesses et seins qui ont toujours été bien pointés . Le tout s'est terminé dans un extase total... Messieurs prenez en grand vous établissez un climat de confiance et faites montre de tact, de respect et lui montrer que vous la désirer...IL N'Y A PAS DE LIMITE AU PLAISIR QU'ELLE SAURA VOUS DONNER.

Après une telle rencontre j'étais dans les nuages et ne pouvais imaginer pouvoir rencontrer quelqu'un d'autre tellement j'étais conquis.......évidemment cela va passer.

Lorsque elle a quitté je n'ai pu m'empêcher de lui t'aime......ce à quoi elle a ----diplomatiquement----ré t'aime voulez vous que je vous dise de plus.................

Alors MERCI Jazmine pour ses moments intenses et euphoriques...tu es Merci à Jessy d'avoir repéré cette perle et de l'agréable booking. Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaire avec vous. Btw j'ai déjà fait un prébooking pour la semaine prochaine pour 2 heures.

Note......C'est sûr que je voterais pour elle comme the BEST ROOKIE ESCORT OF THE YEAR.......CHEERS.

- gaby

Source = Montreal GFE Jazmine's



I saw Jasmine something like a week ago and she is literally a bombshell. Her ass truly deserves to be in a museum : she has an amazing buttock !! I recommend her for butt lovers and ebony lovers and anyone really!! Great smell. Soft skin and that mouth... Definitely doesn't look like a Sp. She actually looks like a model. Fit, sassy and very smart. The sex was amazing. She knows how to please a man. Has great oral skills. She is the kind of girl you want to take out and spend more time with. Wish I had the money to see her again and again.

Face 10+
Body 9.5
Service 9+

- Lolapablo

Source = Montreal GFE Jazmine's



Jasmine @ MSC, black, classy and gorgeous....

Jasmine @ MSC

Saw this girl last week, I think I was her second or third client. Jazmine is black, smart and gorgeous.

If you like trashy America style black girls, forget Jazmine. She is classy and exotic, well traveled, with a slight foreign tinge. I won't name the country.

An absolute babe. Model style. Sex was great. Non-stop. I am old. But she did not give a damn. Treated me like a king.
Agency was great too. Act fast. There is no way that this girl stays in the hobby long.

Looks: 9+
Service: 9
Attitude: 9

Repeat: Y.

* JAZMINE - 20 yrs *
Exotic Lady
Brown Hair - Green Eyes
5 ' 6 ' ' - 115 lbs - 34 B (N)
Authentic Debutante
GFE+ / Greek ymmv

Real pretty face!
Unbelievable green eyes!
Real hot spinner!

- samklemmons

Source = Montreal GFE Jazmine's



I emailed Jessy a few days before arriving and asked for suggestions Jessy said she a new group of young hotties I emailed her my choices and Jessy replied we are all set. I checked my phone during an airport layover Jessy had texted that my original had had cancel I was disappointed but understood. I ask Jessy who else do have she said she had brand new girl and ask if I wanted meet her I replied Hell YA. I told Jessy to email her description when I landed in Montreal I checked my phone Jessy said she is Black student that is spinner I replied she sound yummy. Jazmine arrived on time a petite and thin with a butt that should be in a museum because it a work of art. She has amazing eyes and very exotic look. Jazmine said her English is not great but we were able chat about numerous things she was jut a bit shy being brand new but when the clothes came off she was a amazing small perk breasts sweet pink pie. She is a GFE didn't ask about extras

The main event was incredible she is either a award winning actress or really enjoys sex lots positions great oral skills for someone so new to business. The following day I ordered Jazmine rice for lunch, just because the name reminded me of her I am getting a hard on while writing this just remembering our time together.

Service wise I give an O As OMG

Gentlemen please take time to chat with her a few minutes let her get comfortable and you be reward with an incredible time


Once again Jessy proves to be the gold standard in customer service

- Cat Daddy

Source = Montreal GFE Jazmine's



I saw Madison last weekend for an hour

Booking with MSC is always as smooth as silk

TThanks to Jessy and JP who called me 5 minutes before she came, as I had asked

Madison is a true GND girl, very pretty, pale skin, tall, nice nipples, perfect hygiene..just as all these reviews have described  

- smuler

Great review smuler. MSC has always kept a very good level of customer service through the years, and they've been around for quite a while now...

- Wallseye

Yeah, straightforward and clear. Great agency and great girl. Sunny, sexy, smart and strong...

- shakenotstirred

Source = Montreal GFE Madison's



Michelle @ MSC, an amazing evening

It was a late and cold afternoon, after spending the day with friends, I found myself alone and not wanting to be, I called MSC and after chatting with JP, I would not be alone for long. JP mentioned that he had not met Michelle yet, so his input was short but professional, so this would have to be my decision, to which I would later not live to regret, this little tigress was more than amazing and the only negative I could find in the evening with Michelle, is that it just went to damn fast..
As I stand in my boxers and gaze out the window into the cold snowy night, I get lost in thought, I have the windows open so to let in some fresh air and I guess I am a little polar bear, cause I like it cold, there’s a knock at the door, look at the clock and it reads 7:48, Michelle is early so I thought, later to find out the clock was 15 minutes slow, I rush to throw on my pants and shirt, I open the door and just like that, the night has begun.
Michelle enters like a storm, I feel the wind pass me as I hold the door open, with a smile, and her long, silky blonde hair trailing in the wind, she turns, kisses me and says hi, I’m Michelle, asks if I was sleeping, I said no, I was trying to put my pants on, we both laughed. We continue to chat as I take her coat and hang it up, without ever taking my eyes off of her, as she is taking her boots off, I ask if she would like something to drink, wine would be great , white if you have, I had both white and red, which neither went to waste on this evening.
I poured two glasses and invited her to the window and we toasted to the evening, as we chatted and time was moving along, I think about 15 minutes had past and I asked her if she would like to stay longer this evening, cause I wanted to spend more time with her, sometimes you just know in the first 15 minutes how well an evening is going to go. Michelle tells me she would like that, so I grab my phone and text JP to add another hour to our time if possible, not long after , yes no problem, was his answer, so a normal 2 hours has been extended to 3 hours and even that was not enough time, before I knew it, it was after eleven.
As the night moves on, we are still standing by the window, wine in hand, Michelle feeding me chocolate and kissing ensues, both of us have our free hand roaming each others bodies, conversation always flowing, it was like we had known each other before but the night still felt new. As we would later find out, this would be an evening with an abundance of foreplay, but when the action does start it didn’t end till we hit the shower.
I excuse myself to come back to find Michelle laying on the bed with a glass of wine and her chocolate in hand, as she lay there on her stomach looking up at me with those beautiful sparkling eyes of hers, I kneel so I can give her a kiss, we kiss for a bit, again with hands roaming, I massage her head and back, things are getting warm now, clothes start to come off, pants, shirts and wow, Michelle has an incredible body, that just seems to match her beautiful smile and eyes, to a bubbly personality.
Michelle is sitting on the bed now, we kiss, I caress her neck and shoulders, I work my hand down as I am kissing her breasts, she is responsive to kisses, her legs part, I find what I am searching for, I feel wetness on my finger tips, I bring them up to my lips for a taste, mm-mm good, before I make my descend, I ask if she likes whip cream, she says yes but where exactly do you want to put it, I go grab the whip cream and tell her…. Everywhere, she laughed and was surprised to see me with a can of whip cream, with a squirt in each others mouth and kissing, the real fun was just starting.
As I garnished her breasts, stomach and right above her beautiful flower with whip cream; I start my descent till I have licked every bit off of her. I lay down between her legs with can in hand and I slowly kiss her inner thighs and then lick her petals, with a squirt here and there, I lick every bit off, I slowly lift her off the bed a little and plunge my tongue deep into her, the taste is invigorating, making me want more, I continue with longer sweeps, picking up the speed till I feel her body shake and her hands grasping at my head, I pull away, look up and she has her eyes closed, she pulls me up for a kiss, we lay in each others arms kissing a bit, she jumps up and grabs the whip cream, your turn….
As Michelle kneels on the bed, we kiss, she has little Thor in hand and means business, I turn and I grab the foot stool and stand on it, with Michelle on the bed, she grabs LT and gives him kisses and gets him wet with slow strokes with her lips, first it’s just his head and then he just disappears, she is returning the favor with great ease, after a few minutes she grabs my hands and pulls me onto the bed and continues with a little foreplay, kissing and touching, we take a minute break and grab our wines to hydrate, we finish our wine, I open another bottle, we grab some chocolates from the box that was still sitting on the bed, but not for long, this box in about 15 minutes would be kicked to the floor and chocolate pieces everywhere. Michelle and I jumped back on the bed and the evening continues, with her beautiful round ass staring me in the face and teasing me, I plunge my tongue deep into her flower and lick that cotton candy, as a she turns and does a flip off the bed to go for her bag to get the one finger glove, she slowly goes back to work on LT , getting him nice and wet, she slips on the glove and I jump up and off the bed, to stand on the foot stool, she turns, again with that beautiful ass of hers and backs up slowly to me, what a tease, I grab hold, I move slowly into position, we both move in rhythm with each other, I push her away and she turns onto her back, I move in and we continue without missing a moment, as we stare into each others eyes, I am ready to finish, I pull away, take off the hat and grab hold till the Brady bunch are laying across her stomach, I collapse atop of her in a hug and a kiss, both enjoying the moment , we kiss and chat for a bit, grab our wine, finish the bottle, a little more foreplay and into the shower we go, we talked as we washed each others backs.
So, I will say that Michelle is unique, from the moment she walked into the room till the saddening moment she left, I had a great time, felt like spending time with college sweetheart, action throughout the evening, it went way to fast, not sure if that good or bad, every girl is different, some girls the time goes so slow and it’s a great time also. We could tell we didn’t want the evening to end, almost locked myself out of the room, we kissed all the way out the door into the hallway, and the door almost closed on me with me in my boxers, fun was not an issue tonight, but time was.
Yes I will repeat most definitely, Michelle,you are a smart woman, you are a tigress, you are beautiful from top to bottom and inside and out, with a personality to match. Thank you Michelle for a wonderful evening. Please guys, be nice to Michelle, we want someone like her around for along time.

A big thank you to MSC, Miss Jessy and especially JP, another super evening in the books.

Thor Jr

- Thor Jr

Source = Montreal GFE Michelle's



Met with Bambi from MSC, as usual booking with Jessy and friends easy and always pleasant

Asked the booker (Jessy's day off about this newbie and he mentioned that she had just seen 1-2 clients , went very well, but nothing on MERB yet

So here goes..

She is described on the site as 19 and drop dead gorgeous and true to form she is a beauty, all info is accurate...  

- P.cole

Source = Montreal GFE Bambi's



J'ai apeller jessy de montreal sex city il y a à peu prêt deux semaines pour avoir des informations sur la nouvelle qui se nomme daisy .jessy à répondu à toute mes questions à propos de la jeune demoiselle, je suis très heureux que jessy soi de retour pour booker toujours aussi facile de parler avec elle.
Revenons à daisy c'est une très jolie femmes avec de beaux cheveux brun et un mignon visage, elle est nouvelle dans le hobby ... 

- Dominion

Source = Montreal GFE Daisy's



used this agency everytime I visit Montreal. Glad to be back. I missed these French Canadian girls, very talented. Allyson did Montreal proud inviting me back...As I turned around, she said I am such a gentleman as she reached my head giving it a nice stroke. Grapped her by the hair and started kissing her, she must like me as she was in to me, she started feeling my six pack and said let me see inside...   

- gentlej

Source = Montreal GFE Allyson's



Second Montreal Sex City girl this week and Jennie was on schedule, so i made an appointment for 7pm and she arrived 6:55...if you like thin girls than Jennie is your type. After warming her up, she said thank you and she gave me a kiss as a reward, her reward got better as she pushed me down on the bed kissing me more   

- gentlej

Source = Montreal GFE Jennie's



Great agency to work with, saw they had a new girl on the roster. Wow, what a gem! Daisy is a hot young treat. She is 18 as advertised, with a body to match. Tight and firm everywhere, superb C cup breasts...  

- boohoo506

Source = Montreal GFE Daisy's



I met Electra in my hotel during my recent visit to Montreal. I have used Montreal Sex City several times and always been satisfied with their service. Electra is a beautiful girl and she met the high standards set by this agency.  


Source = Montreal GFE Electra's



MSC is an agency that has been around for quite some time for good reason.
Easy to book with, they show up on time and get back to you on questions so thumbs up there.

- sexdor

Source = Montreal GFE Maxime's



Enya de montreal sex city

Un seul mot pour décrire ma rencontre avec enya .
Il y a environ un mois j'ai booker enya .j'ai appelé Patrick le booker de msc qui fait un très bon travail et la reservation avec msc tres lui est parlé et il m'a conseillé la demoiselle enya alors j'ai acepter.
Laissé moi vous dire quel est une jeune et très jolie dame au yeux noisette cheveux brun ondulé naturelle qui est très rare selon moi pareil comme sur ses photo parle français et anglais ,une peau très douce elle est très élégante et sexy,c'était Un vrai plaisir de parlé avec elle et elle est vraiment à l'écoute de vos besoin ,elle a une des plus belle paire de petit sein que j'ai vue dans l'industrie et que dire de ses fesse il son sublime. Elle rentre on se présente on jase un peu et l'action commence elle fait boucoup de dfk et aime ça et sa parait .par la suite elle me dit d'atendre 2 minute elle va à la salle de bain et en ressort en petite l'ingerie et m'explique quel adore la l'ingerie. Ce n'est pas un problème pour moi l'action recommence elle me saute dessu dfk, un superbe bbbj,bls.daty etait genial très receptive, suivi de plusieurs mpos ,cg,doggy,et on a fini en fs et dfk encore et quand le temp est venu elle m'a pris dans sa bouche et fit un superbe bbbj cim ,tout les acronymes y son .
Je vous la recommande royalement ,elle est une vrai perle une vrai gfe .alors soyer doux avec elle et elle vous le rendra ,ses sûre que je vais la revoir un jour car elle est trop fabuleuse .merci à enya et à montreal sex city.

- admast

Source = Montreal GFE Enya's



Over the years I’ve seen several young ladies from Miss Jessy’s Montreal Sex City agency and have never had a less than an excellent encounter. Jessy has added several new ladies to the roster, and after logging onto the informative MSC website I noted a couple newbies that looked promising. I decided to go with Jennie, whose pics and description looked quite inviting. That was a wise decision, because I thoroughly enjoyed this new addition. If you are partial to sensuous young spinners with VERY substantial curves then you definitely should book Jennie. She’s a can’t-miss experience. VIPs, read on.


Source = Montreal GFE Jennie's



CIM in the shower with Nikita of Montreal Sex City

Nikita, 19 yr, 5'4, 105 lb, 32D, brown/green, 9-9-9, real-dfk, bbbj, +$40 bbbjtc, daty, finger, body slide, white wine, shower, (514) 234-1286 (Patrick, Luc), $180/hr downtown

Nikita seemed as happy as me to meet again. We deep-kissed in greeting, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. I opened a white wine and we sat on the sofa to sip and chat. I groped her breasts and caressed her inner thighs between deep kisses. To move things along, I suggested we get into the bed. We got naked and kissed more. I sucked and played with her perky breasts. I moved down to admire her tiny pussy. I sucked on her clit with a finger inside her. Nikita gave me a bbbj to get me ready and we had sex in missionary with lots of deep kissing and groping. We drank more wine and chatted while we cuddled. Nikita has responsibilities that don't allow her to escort past 8 pm, so I was her last customer for the day. She accepted my offer of a massage and I oiled and massaged her back. She willingly turned over and let me do her front. She also agreed to a body slide and I had fun sliding and massaging her from breasts to pussy with my oiled chest.

I suggested a bubble bath but Nikita preferred showering together. We caressed each other in the warm shower. Then suddenly, Nikita dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. I saw the stream of water impinge on her face and her hair. "There is a shower cap on the counter" I told her concernedly. She said she doesn't mind her hair wet since I was the last client. I relished the bbbj while playing with her soaked and dripping hair. I told her I was taking her $40 option and she continued for quite a while until I squirted in her mouth. I soaped her up all over and ran my fingers through her soggy hair.

Nikita got dressed, collected her $240 and gave me a goodbye hug and kiss.

- Robin

Source = Montreal GFE Nikita's



Nikita the Kissomaniac at Montreal Sex City

Nikita, 19 yr, 5'4, 105 lb, 32D, brown/green, 9-9-9, real-dfk, bbbj, +$40 bbbjtc, daty, finger, white wine, shower, (514) 234-1286 (Patrick, Luc), $180/hr downtown

Nikita had no pictures on the agency web site and had no reviews yet. She was advertised as an authentic debutante with an "endearing personality" which didn't promise much in the looks department. However, her petite statistics were attractive enough for me to roll the dice. Patrick the booker said she could be in my room within the hour. Nikita came in and she looked great. I offered a red and a white wine and she preferred the white. We drank the wine and chatted for quite a while. She is an American raised in Montreal and is pursuing her degree here. She is passionate about her major and I found her interests very interesting.

When I asked if she liked kissing, Nikita nodded and jumped into action. We sucked on each others lips and tongues with abandon. Her tongue explored every crevice in my mouth and I tried to keep up too. We french-kissed non-stop while I stroked her hair, fondled her breasts and caressed her crotch. We got naked in bed and I played with her perfect breasts - perky natural D's on a slim figure. I also examined a couple of brightly colored tattoos on her ivory skin before getting into position for dining at her Y. I sucked on her clit with a wet finger inside her pussy until I felt the spasms in her tummy.

I climbed on top of her for more french kisses before repositioning for a blow job. Nikita sucked my dick pausing occasionally to lick the shaft. I asked if I could come in her mouth and she said it would be $40 extra, to which I agreed. She put a condom on my dick and I maneuvered it deep inside her tight pussy. We deep-kissed of course while I banged away. For some reason, it took me a long time to get to the verge but Nikita was patient. I took off the condom and she sucked till I squirted in her mouth. She kept sucking till the last drop and held it in her mouth for a while, before sauntering to the bathroom to spit. Most escorts run.

Nikita agreed to let me join her in the shower and I enjoyed soaping her all over. She got dressed, picked up her fee and tip and kissed me goodbye.

- Robin

Source = Montreal GFE Nikita's



First time using this agency, highly recommend. Easy to set up via text on relatively short notice. Everything ran smoothly and on time. Selected Jennie based on her pics despite no reviews, sure am glad I TOFTT. Members read on...


Source = Montreal GFE Jennie's



Madison @ Montreal Sex City

Cannot believe that she has not been reviewed before.

Pics and descriptions were accurate (though after four months in the hobby, Madison is no longer a debutante). Agency service was top notch, as always. These guys are real pros.

I won't get into all the details. Posters here understand what companionship is. Madison speaks English well, is smart and friendly, so you will enjoy your time during breaks as much as the action itself.

Looks: 8
Service: 8
Attitude: 9

Repeat: Y

MADISON 22 yrs *
Mid West Canadian Lady
Auburn - Brown Eyes
5 ' 8 ' ' - 125 lbs - 34 D (N)
Another authentic Debutante!

- BensonNobalia

Source = Montreal GFE Madison's



Had been looking around for a Montreal experience and found Montreal Sex City. The agency has some nice reviews, looked around and thought Madison looked like the ticket. A couple of text messages and arrangements made. She gets to my hotel about 20 minutes early so I get a text from the agency to inquire whether I was ready. All very well done. We greets me with a very nice smile, walks in and I am feeling pretty good about it. Short story....I would enjoy seeing her again. More? See below.


Source = Montreal GFE Madison's



Screw what I said about the watermarks!! Just check out the f*cking talent. I just did, and HOT DAMN!!! It's an embarrassment of riches in Montreal right now. 

Merci beaucoup, Luke and Miss Jessy! Super responsive, accommodating, on-the-dot on time, pure pros. What an awesome introduction to MSC. I will be calling again, soon hopefully... 

Screw the photos and watermarks! JUST disregard my bitchin' & moanin' about those superfluous details. What Booker said (shoot me)... all that matters is the product. And MSC has ROCK STARS. No doubt.

2 out of 2 now in giving me the post-encounter rubber legs. OMFG... I'm not even sure I can make it to the hot tub floor.

Incalls can sometimes be very inconveniently located, and Montreal outcalls spoil rotten... Again, the rubber legs would've made it an impossible trip back to the hotel. Impeccable booking process, again, and phone manners that would make mothers proud.

My photo comments be damned. 

- wolfie7

Source = Montreal GFE MSC Photos's



I am not surprised to see MSC in the lead.

Many ladies I have met from MSC told me that Jessy always took care of them, like a mother would. Something they couldn't say about previous agencies they've work for.


- McFly


On another note, if Miss Jessy is as straight and decent to her ladies as she is to her clients it's no wonder she and her agency are way ahead in this poll. Kudos to you little lady.


- Merlot

Source = Montreal GFE Best agency at keeping their staff ?'s



Charlie @ Montreal Sex City - don't let the secret get out....

Wondering why you haven't heard much about her?

Some girls aren't reviewed because there is nothing to say...but others, like Charlie, aren't reviewed because guys don't want the secret to get out.

Looks: 8 (looks like a cross between a librarian and an artist, great a$$ soft skin).
Service: 10
Attitude: 10

This girl is a sex maniac.

You'll have to work to get her though....she is booked solid and in the two+ months she has been there I have only been able to book twice

- BensonNobalia

Source = Montreal GFE Charlie's



talk on the phone with luc i think is name was,pro in all aspects
just a continuation of jessie's great customer service ... would like to add received pm from
jessie thanking me for the review. now that's class

- cobra1

Source = Montreal GFE Jackie's



I was in Montreal for business, decided to give the agency a call based on some reviews. Easy set up and I was not dissapointed with Jeanna. Will repeat. 


Source = Montreal GFE Jeanna's



A year seems like an eternity in this racket. So much turnover in the girls and the agencies. The Indy's too. There's agencies claiming past poll results that were driven by girls that are no longer in the business, There are agencies that are no longer around (or empty shells on life support) There are girls who are on their third or fourth agency. There are girls who have gone agency, independent, and back to agency. There are whole swaths of reviews missing..... Unlike my real life, there's a lot going on with the MERB community.

That is what makes MSC's consistency so remarkable. In many ways they are exactly like they were when I first joined in 2011 -- Mostly weekday Outcalls before 11 pm with a good mix of body types and ages. I have had great experiences with them, but even without I would also admire that consistency in this (pun intended) up and down industry.

- greenacres99

Source = Montreal GFE The Best Agency in Montreal, After Good Girls's



I wanted to see Karla again during my latest visit to Montreal. As usual pre-booking almost a week ahead with MSC was easy and fast. I have no idea why so many other agencies have trouble with the concept!

- greenacres99

Source = Montreal GFE Karla's



Phoned Montreal Sex City and spoke with the ever charming and always helpful Miss Jessy. My ATF was not available, but Jessy has added a number of new ladies and gave me several options from which to choose. She told me that she had gotten good feedback from customers that had seen Julia, one of her recent hires—a petite, buxom 32-year-old that provided GFE+ service. Because I have complete trust in Jessy and she knows what I like, I had her send Julia to my hotel. Once again, Jessy came through with another winner....


Source = Montreal GFE Julia's



Phoned Montreal Sex City, one of my favorite Montreal agencies, and spoke with Miss Jessy. Looking at the site, I was intrigued by Karla's description and pictures. I love tall, (naturally) busty women and Jessy assured me that I was in for a great session with Karla. OK, Jessy send her over. Non-VIPs, she's a can't-miss choice. VIPs, read on...   

- 4lefty4

Source = Montreal GFE Karla's



I was heading to Montreal and setup a date through the agency a week out. My flight was delayed so I was running late. I called the agency and they were first class. They understood and let me know to call when I was ready. I called and was told she would be there in 2 minutes. I met her in the lobby. She was a hot little latina girl wearing black fishnet stockings and red high heels with short shorts and a short black jacket. Very nice.


Source = Montreal GFE Alejandra's



I contacted Jessy by text late at night for meeting Paige the next day and I got a confirmation next morning. Very easy booking.

- Delta123

Source = Montreal GFE Paige's



jessy has by far the best phone voice of the bookers i deal with.

anyone else wanna second that...

- evillethings

Jessy's great at what she does. From what I understand when she was an sp she was one of the most liked providers out there, but I wasn't in the scene at that moment. All I can say is that she's very professional and friendly. If something goes wrong from the agency side of things, she'll make it up to you. I personnally always had a great rapport with her.

- Wallseye

I also agree that Jessy is the most polite and honest booker that I have dealt with. Very sweat voice. Because Jessy is so professional she currently has a great number of quality girls working for her. Almost everyday she has more girls available than any other agency. Moreover, all the girls are top notch service providers ! Bravo Jessy !

- Smooth_Operator

Source = Montreal GFE msc ... jessy's my fav booker 's



Saw a few girls from this agency while I was in town. I have no hesitancy recommending Jessie at MSC. I booked a week in advance and all the girls were completely reliable. Erika was the highlight of my trip though and I was more than glad I booked a few hours with her.

I met her in the lobby, dressed pretty conservatively for a Montreal winter. If I didn't have a description, I would have confused her for a college co-ed. I was not disappointed by her looks. VIPs: highly recommended.


Source = Montreal GFE Erika's



As usual Jessy at Montreal Sex City was easy to contact, polite, accommodating, efficient and delivered exactly what I wanted on time. She is the best - I mentioned my desires and Jessy asked me to call back in 30 minutes by which time she had located the lady that she recommended. Camilia arrived promptly on time - hugged and kissed and what followed was a perfect experience- I would definitely recommend Camilia and this agency.  

- joejouons

Source = Montreal GFE Camilia's



This place was rated the top agency in Montreal by another board.

The pics are real and the service is pretty good.

- samklemmons

One of the better agencies around. Jessy is great to deal with and you get great service.
Also................Read the reviews.

- hiball

Source = Montreal GFE Montreal Sex City Good?'s



I was visiting Montreal and decided to see Hillary based on her photos, some homework prior to my visit and my previous experience with this agency. It was straightforward to set up an appointment. Hillary arrived at my hotel around the appointment time. She is very cute and I was definitely happy. She speaks a little english and explained her rules.

Overall, a great time and GFE session.

- FRED2006

Source = Montreal GFE Hilary's



My time with Alex def was very memorable, and worth waiting for. Sincere thanks Alex as I know you dealt with a lot of stress during the week. But you were so much there for me when I needed you. And my dear Jessy -who herself knows firsthand what I'm like- she was spot-on with recommending Alex despite no pics. Alex's basic info on the site is accurate. But it is her energy level, playfulness, and passion which mean the most.

- sundance

Source = Montreal GFE Alex's



Once upon a time (last week...) i`ve quit work early and figured i`d call Jessy to see whats up and who`s on.
Since me and Jessy go way back (Good ol times) i took her advice and booked Nikki Katt for an hour.
She arrived right on time and the first impression was exactely what i expected from the pictures on msc,no photoshop bullpoop there.

- Elitegerman

Source = Montreal GFE Nikki Kat's



I have been a regular client of the wonderful Ms. Jessy ever since she started her agency - Montreal Sex City. I must say that she and Peter are the two best people to work with.

Having tried other agencies, I vote with my dollars and I go to Jessy any time I want great service. She is a sweetheart to do business with and her women are some of the best in the business.

Over the past two to three years, I have come to trust Jessy's recommendations and judgment and I've never been disappointed. She knows my taste in women, and she always comes up with the right choice for me. Also, her girls come on time and they all have great attitudes. Which for me is the biggest turn-on !!

Keep it up Jessy. You set the standard in this business !!

- Ilovehotbabes

Source = Montreal GFE Montreal Sex City and Ms. Jessy - The Most Reliable Agency's



I have been a regular patron of Ms. Jessy of Montreal Sex City almost ever since she started her wonderful agency. And I trust her judgment and her recommendations.

So last week when I was in Montreal, I called her up and she suggested Marika to me. I immediately agreed and boy I was so thrilled I had taken her suggestion.

- naughtyboy

Source = Montreal GFE Marika's!!



I`m just your average American Dude here in Montreal to enjoy this City`s exceptional hospitality and culture and friendly people. When I arrive in Montreal, the first call I make is to Ms. Jessy of Montreal Sex City, because she`s one of the best bookers and great to deal with. God Bless this women. Now, to the best cowgirl ride I`ve ever had in Montreal.

Je suis juste la moyenne de vos américaine Dude ici à Montréal pour profiter d`un accueil exceptionnel de cette ville et de la culture et des gens sympathiques. Quand je suis arrivée à Montréal, le premier appel que j`ai à faire est de Montréal, Mme Jessy Sex City, parce qu`elle est l`une des meilleures et la Grande-bookers à traiter. Dieu bénisse cette femme. Maintenant, pour le meilleur cowgirl ride que j`ai jamais eu à Montréal ...

- Kansas Frank

Source = Montreal GFE Manuella's



What’s funny is that she gets the call telling her she is a bit late but actually she finished on time and I got my full time. It was a true pleasure dealing with MSC and I’m happy my first experience with them was Mika. For those who might be interested she is into rock music and she doesn’t drink alcohol. Juice is appreciated. Take very good care of her guy’s she’s a true little double D gem.

Ok so I had a blast and Christmas came early this year.

So player are you satisfied? Definitely a big YES.

Mika and MSC have the player seal of approval.

- player_82

Source = Montreal GFE Mika Hailey's



Congrats Jessy, even though I did not vote. Though I have not used your agency much recently, I only have good memories of my experiences with your lovely ladies who all seem to have a high level of maturity and comfort in what they do. I think this is likely to be a reason for such a high satisfaction rate!

- hormone

Source = Montreal GFE MVP trophy for the most reliable agency in Montreal?'s



Juicy, merci d'avoir passée ces quelques heures avec moi.

Jessy que dire de plus, tu gère ton agence de main de maître. Professionnelle avec ta clientèle et tes collègues.

Thank you Juicy to have shared these few hours with me.

Has for Jessy what's more to say, I know I sound like a broken record. You manage your agency in a professional manner. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that your truely appreciated by your customer base and colleagues.

- Justforfun

Source = Montreal GFE Juicy's!!



Hello Jessy,

Just one year old and Montreal Sex City is on par with Eleganza, close to Devilish, and competitive with all...Not bad at all.

Two Thumbs Way UP!


- korbel

Source = Montreal GFE The Most Reliable and Satisfying Escort Agencies 's



OK, to the mundane ... booking was very easy, it's not like in the States, you know. One call, give the hotel, the room, the time, your first name, you're all set. I arranged it the day before, and Isabelle arrived 5 minutes early. Jessy at the agency is excellent, will answer your questions happily.

I had arranged a 1 hour session. Isabelle came to the door in a classy skirt/blouse combo, looked very nice. I offered her a drink, nope she wasn't thirsty, tried to chit chat, nope didn't want to wait, instead rubbed her tail against my crotch and asked me if I was in the mood for some fun...


Source = Montreal GFE Isabelle La Rochelle's



Considering Jessy's intriguing presentation of Isabelle and all the good vibes I sensed going through her first review (BTW, thanks Gwen for sharing), I couldn’t resist taking a “diving test” with this “Little Mermaid”. As I said to Jessy when I booked her, I just wished our encounter not to end in “queue de poisson. 

Well, it didn't and she proved to be a very good “catch”. Overall, I had a real splash of a time with Isabelle. Do I need to say that I’m looking forward for my next swim with this naughty little Mermaid?

Thanks to Jessy, once again, for the hassle-free advance email booking and timely delivery. It's a real pleasure doing business with you.

Lion Heart

- Lion Heart

Source = Montreal GFE Isabelle La Rochelle's



That's why I was delighted to hear the always happy voice of Jessy when I called Montreal Sex City. Even though I doubt I will ever get over my appreciation of her, it was very comforting to hear her voice. I asked Miss Jessy for a recommendation and she suggested Maria. Well, I am here to tell you that her recommendation was outstanding.

- johnnybravo

Source = Montreal GFE Maria Divina's


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